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What's happening in Loudoun County, Virginia, would be national news if it weren't for the liberal media hoping it suffers a quiet death. The school board appears to be involved in multiple rape cover-ups at their schools. One such incident occurred in May, where a 14-year-old was brutally assaulted in a bathroom. The attacker was a "gender fluid" student wearing a skirt. The girl's father was arrested at one of the meetings protesting Critical Race Theory being part of the annual curriculum. The family of the victim has filed legal action. It also doesn't help that the attacker pretty much lied about the encounter (via WaPo): 

The teen testified she arrived first and chose to go in the girls’ bathroom because the two had always met in the girls’ bathrooms in the past. When the boy arrived, the teen testified, he came into the handicapped stall she was in and locked the door.

The two talked, before the girl testified the boy began grabbing her neck and other parts of her body in a sexual manner. She testified she told her attacker she was not in the mood for sex, but he forced himself on her.

“He flipped me over,” the girl testified. “I was on the ground and couldn’t move and he sexually assaulted me.”

The attack only stopped when someone came in the bathroom and startled the defendant, the victim testified. The girl testified that a second sexual assault occurred a little later. The judge found there was sufficient evidence to find the defendant had forced the girl into two sex acts.

The Washington Post generally does not name victims of sexual assault and is not identifying the girl or her parents. The Post also generally does not identify defendants charged as juveniles.

The defendant’s attorney William Mann said in his opening statement that the encounter between the two teens was consensual, just like the ones that had occurred on two previous occasions.

“They discussed sex regularly,” Mann said. “The encounter was just like it was before.”

The defendant did not testify during the trial, but prosecutors played interviews he gave detectives investigating the case during which he acknowledged “messing up” and said he did not intend to perform one sex act with the victim and said he stopped once he realized he was hurting the girl.

The defendant initially told detectives the second sexual act did not occur, but later said it may have happened briefly and accidentally when a knee-length skirt he was wearing got caught on his watch as the pair were fumbling around in the bathroom stall.

Yeah, well—previous discussions don't matter. Two prior consensual sexual acts don't matter either. We're talking about the ones where the victim clearly didn't want to do what this person wanted to do—hence the slamming against the floor against her will incident.

No means no, right? 

That's why the judge overseeing this matter said there was more than enough evidence to suggest a sexual assault took place. It also doesn't help that the school board denied this event ever happened, with the superintendent now saying he misheard the question when asked during a board meeting back in June. It's a category five public relations disaster, which is why students staged a walkout today. (via WJLA): 

Loudoun County Public School students planned a walkout Tuesday morning to protest for safer schools after two recent assaults were reported at two different Loudoun schools.

Crowds of students were seen outside schools in the district, including Stone Bridge, Loudoun County High School, Briar Woods High School, Broad Run High School and Lightridge High School.

On Monday, the teen suspect in a sex assault at Stone Bridge High School in May was found guilty on all charges. The victim’s legal team, The Stanley Law Group, tells 7News that the Judge determined that there were facts sufficient that the defendant committed a forcible assault.


The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department confirmed earlier this month that a sexual assault did happen inside a bathroom at Stone Bridge on May 28. They said in a statement Wednesday that they arrested a 14-year-old boy in the case.

The second attack reported was at a classroom at Broad Run earlier this month after the suspect was allowed to come back to class at a different school.

During the Broad Run walkout, students started chanting “Loudoun County protects rapists” and other messages. They along with hundreds of students at schools across Loudoun County walked out to show support for two students attacked by the same 14-year-old classmate.


Loudoun County School Officials have already apologized for stating there were no sexual assaults in bathrooms at a June school board meeting. Superintendent Scott Zeigler said he misinterpreted the questions.

So, the first attack is confirmed, the suspect wasn't charged at the time, he was allowed back at a different school where he committed another reported assault. What a fiasco and all for the sake of protecting a woke agenda. 

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