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AP Photo/Michael Sohn

They’re never going to say it. They’re never going to admit it. But Joe Biden’s immigration policy is essentially open borders. Everyone and anyone can come here—no consequences. Migrants then get charted flights and bus trips all over the country for their dispersal. It’s insane. We have highway underpasses totally swamped with hordes of people—images the Biden administration doesn’t want you to see as it only amplifies the nature of the crisis. When Border Patrol tries to do their job, they’re attacked. The Biden White House weaponized fake news against their own people. Border Patrol was dragged through the mud after some detached and grossly dishonest press members decided to make horse reins “whips.” Agents were on horseback trying to turn back a sea of Haitian immigrants and the press said these guys were whipping them. No. Not true. But the slavery talking point bubbled up. It was nonsense. Now, multiple outlets are retracting the whips story because it’s trash, but the Biden administration will continue its war on Border Patrol. They’ll probably punish the agents. And they’ve declared war on horses. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, I’m sure you have, but those moves don’t necessarily address the border crisis. 


Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to lead on this issue for Biden. She’s failed. And has Joe Biden ever been to the border once in his entire career as a public servant? It’s a mess. Even Barack Obama can’t support this policy of open borders the Biden White House has quasi-undertaken. It’s something that was edited out of ABC’s interview with him on Good Morning America that our friends at Newsbusters aptly pointed out (via Newsbusters) [emphasis mine]


In their overly hyped Tuesday interview between former President Barack Obama and Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts about the ground breaking for his presidential center, ABC News edited out part of the former President’s comments on the current southern border crisis in which he opposed “open borders,” calling them “unsustainable.” Of course, ABC did their due diligence to protect the current Democratic President but Fox News Channel’s Jacqui Heinrich called them out.

In her report, Heinrich noted that ABC did leave in the part where Obama placed all the blame for the crisis on Republicans:

HEINRICH: Days after the Biden administration cleared 15,000 Haitians from the Del Rio migrant camp, former President Obama defended his VP’s handling of the border crisis passing blame to the GOP.

OBAMA: Comprehensive immigration reform has consistently gotten stuck partly because we can't get enough Republicans to support it.

She followed up by calling out how ABC only acknowledged his criticism of open borders online. “But cut from that interview and published only in the online article was President Obama saying, quote, ‘At the same time, we're a nation-state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that, as a practical matter is unsustainable.’”


Surprisingly, the CBS Evening News actually mentioned Obama’s comments. “The 44th President also spoke in an interview about the immigration crisis saying, that ‘Americans want to help others but the idea that we can just have open borders is unsustainable,’” reported anchor Norah O’Donnell.


They sure do like to help their friends whenever they can, huh? You all know this. With consecutive months of 200,000+ apprehensions at the border, it’s not sustainable. Even DHS Secretary Mayorkas admitted that, albeit in a hot mic moment. Our own Julio Rosas has been exceptionally busy documenting the mess here, and Joe is AWOL. Just like he is on inflation, job creation, vaccination rates, the debt ceiling, and the infrastructure bill. He was totally absent when Afghanistan collapsed which in turn has left Americans stranded in a terror hell hole. 

I remember another Obama quote about Joe

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” 

Obama never really wanted Biden to be president. It’s obvious now. The man is too slow, too stupid, and too weak to do the job. He cannot do the job. And the bouts of frustration you see from Joe is because he cannot keep up with simple things, like answering questions from the press. 

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