The 'Bashing the Unvaccinated' Narrative Crashes into a Brick Wall

Posted: Aug 05, 2021 1:45 PM
The 'Bashing the Unvaccinated' Narrative Crashes into a Brick Wall

Source: AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a COVID vaccine mandate for certain indoor facilities, like gyms and restaurants. You’ll be asked to present your papers upon entering. You know this was coming. At some point, some city, state, or locality was going to have a proof of vaccination ordinance. For city, state, or county workers, vaccine mandates are coming. Federal workers must be vaccinated or submit to mandatory testing. New mask mandates are back. It’s madness. And liberal America blames the vaccine hesitancy on Trump supporters. Is it really? Boston’s mayor ripped the Big Apple’s vaccine mandate as something akin to slavery. I don’t think she’s a hard-core Republican. And when you look at the vaccination data for the city, something is rather interesting. It’s nonwhites who seem to be lagging concerning getting vaccinated. It’s nonwhites who will be barred from certain indoor spaces now. That’s racist. That’s Jim Crow—people have told me this but only on matters of upholding election integrity and voter ID.

Even liberal reporter Michael Tracey highlighted how the data set in one of the most Democratic cities in the country shreds the hesitancy narrative the media has manufactured to go after people they don’t like. Again, these folks aren’t watching Fox News or reading conservative media religiously. 

The liberal media is always wrong. that’s the baseline. It may take time for some other narratives but eventually, it all disintegrates after being subjected to facts. Hesitancy is surely among Republicans, but a healthy number of Democrats and Democrat-supporting voter blocs are not getting the shot. In some parts of the country, Trump counties are well ahead of some blue ones with regards to vaccination. It’s not a clear-cut narrative, though more Democratic Party allied groups, like teachers’ unions, are also coming out against COVID vaccine mandates. 

Tens of millions of Americans have questions about the vaccine and its long-term effects. Others are simply skeptical of any government mandates. That’s fine. this is a free country and vaccination should be a choice. Nothing says abject failure on messaging when you force people to do something or try to bribe them. There is a limit in our country when it comes to telling people what they can and cannot do. The professional liars at the CDC and NIH are just going to have to accept that, while liberal America needs to realize that a lot of their people are skeptical about the vaccine. Maybe the skepticism wouldn’t be as bad if our experts gave us actual advice and not science fiction.

The NIH director said yesterday that people should wear masks in their homes, especially if they have children who aren’t eligible for the vaccine only to have Fauci, of all people, saying the director misspoke. 

What a fiasco.  

Katie also wrote about how the Left's vaccine mandates are pretty...racist.

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