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The Unhinged Fearmongering Over Kids and COVID Has Reached New and Absurd Levels

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

They have nowhere to go. The liberal media and the experts see another avenue to lock us down—and they’re going full bore. The Delta variant, which doesn’t make you sicker nor is it more lethal, is a problem for the unvaccinated. But we’re not locking down again. No way. There’s a midterm election coming up, so no—not even Joe Biden is going to back such a move. It’s the same reason why there will be no mandatory vaccination protocol. There’s an election coming up. If this were a national emergency, politics be damned—everyone gets a shot, right? They’re readily available to everyone who can get them. That should be the mindset. It’s not. Why? Because obviously, it’s not a do-or-die situation. If a mandatory vaccination mandate is being kept in the desk until after an election, it’s all politics. We’ve known this for months. 


And now, they’re trying to gaslight us on children and COVID. Fellas, I have bad news. We’ve been paying attention. If there’s any demographic that isn’t at risk, it’s children. Children were never an issue when it came to COVID. Their caseload was never the majority, the plurality, or even a fraction that you could call ‘significant.’ This notion that children are under threat is science fiction and it doesn’t help that a hyper-partisan Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, who was not shy about wanting to declare gun violence a national health issue, is peddling this fearmongering. 


The science is clear. Children generally do not get it or spread it. If they do contract COVID, it’s usually not a bad case. A child’s survival rate is a whopping 99.995 percent when it comes to infection. They’re virtually bulletproof. Since the start of the pandemic, only 335 kids under the age of 18 have died from COVID. Is one too many? Of course. It’s tragic but hardly cause for a national panic. By this logic, we can no longer drive automobiles. Too much death. 

Schools have also never been a source of super spread. The schools in Irvine, California reopened in September of 2020. A report last March noted at the time, that of the 23,000 students in the Irvine School District, just 17 contracted COVID. How many of the 3,000 employees? Only three. And this was when the vaccine was not readily available. The vaccines right now are not available for kids under the age of 12. They’re not at-risk. They’re not carriers. Should people still be careful? Sure, but this isn’t a ‘Apocalypse Now’ mentality. Also, the store-bought masks that people, like Fauci, are saying kids under three should wear don’t stop the spread of COVID. Fauci mentioned that in his emails.  


“Children aren't the people most likely to get COVID,” said President Biden last February. “You're the safest group of people in the whole world, number one. Number two, you're not likely be able to be exposed to something and spread it to Mommy or Daddy,” he added.

There you have it. Case closed. I know Biden has lied about a lot, but this has been established for months. Science is settled as liberals love to say. Anyone peddling child body bags over COVID is an idiot and a fearmonger who should be muted like Fauci. It’s misinformation. I’ve been told we’re purging people like this from social media platforms, as noted by Jen Psaki. A lot of liberals are going to believe this trash, so I guess a lot of liberals are just going to have to go to the gulag. 

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