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Office of the NY Governor via AP

Is it sociopathy? Andrew Cuomo was paid $5 million to write his "look at how awesome I handled COVID" book. A piece of work that is soaked in blood given that the governor's reprehensible and lethal executive order forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients killed thousands of people. They cooked the books, too. The New York Attorney General’s Office found that COVID deaths from nursing homes were undercounted by 50 percent, and Cuomo had his goons block the release of the real numbers. Why? The numbers made him look bad. This is a man with presidential ambitions. The media fawned over him. The Left did as well. He put on a great show. He did those pressers that earned him an Emmy while his policies led to carts of body bags being wheeled out the backdoor. Cuomo had Trump to distract the media from his campaign of carnage.


And we're not even getting into the multiple women he allegedly groped. When you know you can get away with it, you're going to do it, whether that be fondling women or killing old people. Cuomo got away with it.  

MSNBC's Willie Geist circled back yesterday to his interview with the governor when he asked about the timing of his book since we still were very much under lockdown. Taking a victory lap for what, Cuomo? Geist added that thus far, Cuomo's leadership had been "deadly" and "terrible."


Brutal words that aptly describe this mob boss of an executive. And yet, we can yell all we want, but he'll still be in the governor's mansion. There was a lot of yelling over him cooking the books on the state's COVID death toll, how he treated members of the media, and the "Me Too" stuff; he's still the governor. He can thank Biden. The crisis at the border was just one of the many fiascos to bubble up to distract the national media from King Death in New York. 

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