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AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

We’ll probably see another wave of this tomorrow, but in case you missed it, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald went on a rampage against the mainstream media for peddling the Russian collusion myth. Now, Greenwald is no conservative writer. He’s not an establishment liberal either. I guess you can call him a progressive who calls out both sides for their perceived sins. Either way, if you want to hear the other side that isn’t totally insane on the Russia stuff, Greenwald is a good follow. His Twitter thread over the past few weeks, like that of Michael Tracey, formerly of the Young Turks, has been brutal in holding accountable those who have been peddling the Russian collusion myth. From Rachel Maddow to The New Yorker, Greenwald does not hold back in slamming those who have made this narrative into something of a psycho left-wing cult. 

For two years, the liberal media created hundreds of stories that insinuated some dark conspiracy that cheated Hillary Clinton out of a win in 2016. In reality, it was Hillary Clinton who did that to herself, ignoring the Rust Belt, having piss poor messaging, and being an all-around terrible candidate. And even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report, which was summarized by Attorney General William Barr, after two years of investigating—there is still zero evidence of Russian collusion. Tomorrow, the full Mueller report will be released. It will be another time the Left eats crap over this myth. 

Yet, after two years of saying there was collusion and that Mueller was going to be the spear that pierces this White House, all you can do is double down. You’re still an idiot for doing so, but looking crazy is better than apologizing and admitting you’re wrong. Remember these media types are liberals first. They’re snobby, condescending, and are not used to being proven wrong on a consistent basis. They're not used to the president bashing them and their work, and you can bet they think it’s all solid reporting. It’s not. It’s trash. And Greenwald has long been a skeptic of this Russian collusion story and has been equally hard on the media’s antics regarding this whole story. Arguably, some offenses that warrant termination have been committed in the reporting of the Russian collusion delusion, and everyone appears to have kept their jobs. Expect more from Greenwald and Tracey tomorrow, as they will rip liberal media talking heads again. 

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