The Joe Biden Article Intercept Editors Didn't Want You to Read...Which Led to Glenn Greenwald's Resignation

Posted: Oct 30, 2020 4:45 PM
The Joe Biden Article Intercept Editors Didn't Want You to Read...Which Led to Glenn Greenwald's Resignation

Source: AP Photo/Nick Wass

Glenn Greenwald is no longer with the publication he co-founded. The editors wanted him to censor his piece about Joe Biden in the wake of the Hunter emails. Greenwald is no conservative, but he’s fiercely independent, an excellent reporter, and certainly one of the few from the other side who I read. He’s a good follow as well. He’s been on Tucker Carlson’s show multiple times, as he’s been a Trump-Russia collusion skeptic. He also noted last night that the unholy alliance between the liberal media, big tech, and the intelligence community regarding this Russian circus has now leached into this latest story about Joe and Hunter Biden.

We know Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. The Biden camp hasn’t denied the emails. Also, we learned last night that the Department of Justice has had Hunter Biden and his associates under investigation for money laundering since 2019. Joe Biden is an associate. We found that out thanks to whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who verified the email chain regarding the Bidens’ excursion in the Far East with CEFC China Energy, a firm with ties to the communist government. The deal was hashed out when Joe was still vice president. It fell through in 2017, but not before the chairman of CEFC gave the Bidens a $5 million personal loan. Bobulinski was tapped to quarterback all of the Biden China efforts as well. He turned over all records and devices where these deals were discussed. All records were turned over as well. The Senate Homeland Security Committee verified all the documents. And Bobulinski delivered a kill shot to the whole notion that Uncle Joe Biden was unaware of what Hunter was doing. In fact, Hunter called his dad the “chairman,” with Bobulinski meeting with the former VP on multiple occasions to discuss this deal. Joe’s a liar. Hunter looks like a crook. And the Biden family looks like a major crime family, whose been compromised by the Chinese.

Yet, as many others have noted, the media’s malpractice in trying to ignore this story is another issue in itself. The New York Post first reported on the Hunter Biden emails and Facebook and Twitter, part of the hyper-left-wing Silicon Valley mafia, moved quickly to censor the story. National Public Radio has refused to cover this “distraction.” The liberal media’s marching order is to either ignore this story or claim its Russian misinformation. And believe me, they’re pushing the latter quite hard—and there is literally no evidence to back up the Russian disinformation claim, just like the three-year Russian collusion fiasco. Below are excerpts of the article that The Intercept editors wanted Greenwald to do major surgery on to shield Joe Biden. He posted it in full on Substack:

Despite this complete lack of evidence, the Biden campaign adopted this phrase used by intelligence officials and media outlets as its mantra for why the materials should not be discussed and why they would not answer basic questions about them. “I think we need to be very, very clear that what he's doing here is amplifying Russian misinformation," said Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield about the possibility that Trump would raise the Biden emails at Thursday night’s debate. Biden’s senior advisor Symone Sanders similarly warned on MSNBC: “if the president decides to amplify these latest smears against the vice president and his only living son, that is Russian disinformation."


These journalists are desperate not to know. As Taibbi wrote on Sunday about this tawdry press spectacle: " The least curious people in the country right now appear to be the credentialed news media, a situation normally unique to tinpot authoritarian societies."

All of those excuses and pretexts — emanating largely from a national media that is all but explicit in their eagerness for Biden to win — served for the first week or more after the Post story to create a cone of silence around this story and, to this very day, a protective shield for Biden. As a result, the front-running presidential candidate knows that he does not have to answer even the most basic questions about these documents because most of the national press has already signaled that they will not press him to do so; to the contrary, they will concoct defenses on his behalf to avoid discussing it.

The relevant questions for Biden raised by this new reporting are as glaring as they are important. Yet Biden has had to answer very few of them yet because he has not been asked and, when he has, media outlets have justified his refusal to answer rather than demand that he do so. We submitted nine questions to his campaign about these documents that the public has the absolute right to know, including:

whether he claims any the emails or texts are fabricated (and, if so, which specific ones);

whether he knows if Hunter did indeed drop off laptops at the Delaware repair store;

whether Hunter ever asked him to meet with Burisma executives or whether he in fact did so;

whether Biden ever knew about business proposals in Ukraine or China being pursued by his son and brother in which Biden was a proposed participant and,

how Biden could justify expending so much energy as Vice President demanding that the Ukrainian General Prosecutor be fired, and why the replacement — Yuriy Lutsenko, someone who had no experience in law; was a crony of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko; and himself had a history of corruption allegations — was acceptable if Biden’s goal really was to fight corruption in Ukraine rather than benefit Burisma or control Ukrainian internal affairs for some other objective.

Though the Biden campaign indicated that they would respond to the Intercept’s questions, they have not done so. A statement they released to other outlets contains no answers to any of these questions except to claim that Biden “has never even considered being involved in business with his family, nor in any business overseas.” To date, even as the Biden campaign echoes the baseless claims of media outlets that anyone discussing this story is “amplifying Russian disinformation,” neither Hunter Biden nor the Biden campaign have even said whether they claim the emails and other documents -- which they and the press continue to label "Russian disinformation" -- are forgeries or whether they are authentic.

The Biden campaign clearly believes it has no need to answer any of these questions by virtue of a panoply of media excuses offered on its behalf that collapse upon the most minimal scrutiny…

It’s a lengthy post, but worth the read. Greenwald also included the email exchanges he had with The Intercept editors before his resignation.

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