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AP Photo/Nick Wass

I won’t waste your time with the details of this op-ed in The Washington Post. The liberals are boxed in with the Hunter Biden emails. Their pivot of this being a Russian misinformation plot blew up in less than a workweek. The laptop is real. The emails have yet to be denied by the Biden camp. And one slate of them, the ones relating to a deal with a shady Chinese firm, have been authenticated by a man, Tony Bobulinski, who was in on the negotiations. He has turned over all devices and records relating to this deal to the FBI and the bureau intends to interview him.


In that deal, which was first reported by The New York Post, a slew of emails from Hunter breakdown an equity arrangement, where some person indicated as the “big guy” was slated to get a 10 percent equity stake.

The “big guy” has been revealed to be Joe Biden, while Bobulinski also said that Hunter referred to his father as the “chairman,” as well. This Chinese business deal eventually fell apart in 2017, but it all got started when Joe Biden was vice president. It rehashes the claim that Biden used the office of the vice presidency to personally enrich himself. It once again shows he’s a liar and he was very involved with the deals his son was making, even those with ties to rival governments. The Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel tied all the emails together and was very clear that Joey boy is not out of the woods at all. Was he ever slated to get that 10 percent equity share? Is he the “big guy”? These are all questions the press should ask but won’t. And then there’s this op-ed in The Washington Post about the Hunter emails, the laptop in which they were discovered, and the last presidential debate [emphasis mine]:

“You mean the laptop is now another Russia, Russia, Russia hoax? You got to be kidding me,” President Trump shot back at Joe Biden in the final presidential debate Thursday. The former vice president had told the president that a now-infamous story in the New York Post — sourced from leaked emails and accusing Biden of corruption in Ukraine — was “a Russian plant.”

Who is right? And how should the nation handle this leak and potential foreign interference at a critical time?

A close look at the evidence shows that neither Biden nor Trump have the facts on their side for now. Take a step back, and the Russian interference of 2016 holds valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in 2020: We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.


The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald is no conservative. His site was founded as a safe haven for whistleblowers to come forward with information. I won’t lie, folks. It’s one of the sites I read to get a view of the other side—and Greenwald has been one of the few to call out the liberal media establishment for their Russian collusion myth peddling. On this, it’s no different because they tried to thread the same needle here.


“This is absolutely how mainstream US outlets think: exactly what is said there by [Thomas] Rid (one of those centrist Professor outlets use to elevate their unhinged conspiracy theories with a facade of expertise): We have no idea if this conspiracy is true, but we will say it anyway,” he wrote in a Twitter thread shredding this op-ed. And regarding conspiracy theories, Greenwald aptly noted that the liberal media has peddled unhinged nonsense with impunity and has done immense damage to the broader public.

“There is no question—none—that mainstream US news outlets disseminate more unhinged, unproven conspiracy theories -- and do far more damage with them -- than QAnon, or whichever fringe group they want you to focus on, can achieve in 1,000 years,” he added.

Lee Fang, a writer for The Intercept, also agreed with Greenwald, commenting, “The partisan double standards in the media are mind-boggling this year, and much of the supposedly left independent media is just as cowardly and conformist as the mainstream corporate media.”

We can’t refute it, but let’s just accept this new reality because it feels better. That’s liberal America in 2020. That’s how unhinged Democrats become when they know they can’t win on an issue.


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