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Did You Miss What Bill De Blasio Did to the NYPD? It's the Price You Pay for Caving to the Mob.

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Look, Sleepy Joe is peddling an agenda that will bring about the economic death of the United States, and a good chunk of the nation was toking up on the day this was announced, but we should circle back to this because the ‘defund the police’ push seems to have collapsed everywhere. Minneapolis tried it. It ended disastrously. And now, Bill de Blasio, who infamously declared he could cut the budget to police by $1 billion, said he would be giving it an additional $105 million in funding. This was announced on April 20. Why is Comrade Bill doing this? I don’t know—maybe it’s because crime has spiked in the Big Apple. Never cave to the mob, Mr. mayor. That boomerang will always end up smacking you in the mouth (via Politico):


The city will spend $105 million to build a new NYPD precinct in Southeast Queens, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday — reversing a decision to eliminate the project last year when he was under pressure to cut the police budget.

De Blasio said stimulus funding from the federal government will allow the city to move forward with the plan to create a 116th precinct.

As protesters took to the streets last year after the death of George Floyd — many pushing to defund the police — de Blasio promised in June to cut $1 billion from the NYPD operating budget and another $500 million from its capital budget. Very few of the proposed cuts have actually materialized.


Other elements of the NYPD budget cuts pledged by de Blasio and the City Council have also been scuttled. They announced that school safety agents would be moved out of the NYPD, but budget documents showed they actually remain within the police department. The same was true for school crossing guards.

An NYPD overtime cap imposed as part of the budget cut deal is expected to be missed by hundreds of millions of dollars.

But the precinct plan illustrated a clash between left-leaning lawmakers who wanted to slash the police budget and representatives from Black and Latino neighborhoods who were skeptical of the push, saying they supported police reform but needed cops on their streets to prevent violent crime.


It’s not hard, guys. Being pro-crime isn’t a good message. It doesn’t resonate. You don’t need to be a crack political operative to know this. Despite all of the officer-involved shootings and the controversy they bring deserved or not, everyone wants more police patrols. There is this thing called ‘safety,’ liberal America. And people want it. They need it. And police provide it. But please keep harping on defunding the police because it only drives more voters to the GOP. 

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