Why White Liberals Looking to Exploit Minnesota Shooting Are Bound to Crash into a Wall

Posted: Apr 12, 2021 5:45 PM
Why White Liberals Looking to Exploit Minnesota Shooting Are Bound to Crash into a Wall

Source: AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

Minneapolis braces for mayhem tonight. It stems from yet another officer-involved shooting in the city that was racked with rioting throughout the summer of 2020. The city council went on a ‘defund the police’ kick which failed. And this incident occurring on the heels of the trial of former Officer Derek Chauvin who was involved in the killing of George Floyd last May. Our new managing editor Spencer wrote about the footage of the shooting that occurred over the weekend: 

After a violent Sunday evening of looting and rioting outside Minneapolis, the Brooklyn Center Police Department released body camera footage of the events leading up to the shooting death of Daunte Wright. 

Tim Gannon, Brooklyn Center's Chief of Police, shared the body camera footage from Sunday afternoon's officer-involved shooting during a press conference.

Chief Gannon described the video to reporters, calling the incident "an accidental discharge" that resulted in the "tragic death of Mr. Wright."

An officer can be heard yelling "Taser! Taser!" just before firing a shot.

For all the talk about the police, which veers quickly into crazy town, the narrative about ‘defunding’ law enforcement and the like is a dead end. I’m not stopping liberals from smashing their heads against this wall, of course. But even with all of the high-profile cases of officer-involved shootings, sizeable majorities of nonwhites want the cops around. Yes, black respondents think that police are more likely to use force against black Americans and they’re not to be trusted—but they still want more police patrols. Liberal blogger Kevin Drum noticed that tidbit in some recent poll data (via Jabberwocking):

Everyone wants more police patrols. It's true that white communities want them most of all, but 65% of Black respondents and 70% of Hispanic respondents want them too. They may think police can't be trusted and are too quick to use force, but by a very large margin they still want them around.

This might come into conflict with the hordes of white liberals who will in the coming days become the de facto spokespersons of the black community in a nauseating fashion. They will once again create a media narrative about policing. The lefty lectures about this issue will flow. Defund the police will be chanted again. The riots will erupt. And after all of that, the fact will remain that everyone wants more police around.