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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Look, I’m not against making tons of money. This is America; the opportunity is here. Yet, you’re always going to be mocked or branded a hypocrite when you advocate for an agenda to combat global warming, while also making tons of money with oil and gas companies, who are supposedly the harbinger of evil in this field of advocacy. Al Gore started Current TV only to sell it for a boatload of money to Qatar-based Al-Jazeera—a nation that is an oil producer. Again, I don’t care where you make your money most of the time, but liberals do care. Remember, the Left has become more ideological pure in the sense that they will cast anyone as a proto-Nazi for having opinion contrary to the authoritarian ethos of the woke Left. Even associating with someone who might think, for example, that biological males competing in women’s sprots isn’t right could end up mobilizing the cancel mobs. But Kerry is also a politician and saying one thing and doing another is commonplace. So, when he’s not spilling state secrets to the Iranians, let’s look at the money Kerry made from the evil polluters before becoming Joe Biden’s quasi-Captain Planet (via Fox News):


John Kerry, President Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate change, held investments in oil companies prior to divesting from the stocks as he took over the position, according to financial forms.

Kerry's financial disclosure forms, which were obtained by Fox News, show that the former secretary of state was financially invested in numerous oil companies, including Duke Energy, Cimarex, Dominion Energy, Exelon Corporation and Valero Energy.

As Biden's climate envoy, he will push policies that run counter to his personal investments before taking over the post. At the same time that Kerry held investments in oil companies, he also worked with climate groups The Rise Fund, where he served as a senior adviser, and Climate Finance Partners, where he acted as chairman of the advisory board.

In early March, Kerry warned the oil and gas industry that if it doesn't embrace clean energy it will be "sitting there with a lot of stranded assets" and "end up on the wrong side of the battle." He also said the industry should be figuring out "how do we become not an oil-and-gas company, but how do we become an energy company."

It must be nice to be a Democrat. You have a massive ally in the media that will always protect you—no matter what. And even if the pressure is ramped up at times, it will never be in a manner that will lead to your ouster—usually. 


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