We Have an Update on the DC Uber Eats Carjacking Story CNN Tried to Whitewash

Posted: Apr 06, 2021 3:20 PM
We Have an Update on the DC Uber Eats Carjacking Story CNN Tried to Whitewash

Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

They murdered him. These two girls murdered him—and it looks like they’ll get the equivalent to a slap on the wrist for such a heinous crime. In March, two teenage girls, aged 13 and 15, tried to carjack Mohammad Anwar’s vehicle in broad daylight. It was all captured on video. Anwar, who worked for Uber Eats, is seen pleading for assistance as the two girls, who were armed with a taser, tried to take his car. One of them hits the gas as Anwar hangs on for his life. The car crashes, with one of the suspects asking the whereabouts of her phone. Anwar’s dead body is feet from her, and she cares more about the cell phone. And now, plea deals are said to be offered. The younger suspect cannot be tried for any crime as an adult, even for murder (via WaPo):

Lawyers for two teenage girls charged as juveniles in the fatal carjacking of a food delivery driver in the District will soon receive plea-bargain offers from a prosecutor, although a trial in the case remains possible, if not likely, according to discussions in court Wednesday.

Appearing via video in D.C. Superior Court for the second time since the deadly incident occurred March 23, the girls, 13 and 15, looked on silently as defense lawyers and a prosecutor from the D.C. attorney general’s office talked about the next steps in the case with Judge Lynn Leibovitz.


The girls are charged with felony murder, carjacking, armed robbery and other offenses. The Washington Post typically does not identify youths who are being prosecuted as juveniles. Leibovitz gave journalists access to the hearing, which was closed to the public, on the condition that they not report information hinting at the girls’ identities.

The two have pleaded “not involved,” the juvenile court equivalent of not guilty.

There is no way under D.C. law for authorities to prosecute the 13-year-old girl as an adult, even for murder, according to a manual on Superior Court procedures published by the city’s Public Defender Service.

As for the 15-year-old girl, it is possible for a youth that age to be transferred to adult court in a murder case, but the burden is a heavy one for prosecutors.

The focus of the juvenile court is entirely on rehabilitation, not punishment. A youth who is 15 can be prosecuted in adult court only with a judge’s permission. To gain that approval, authorities have to show that if the case was kept in juvenile court, there would be “no reasonable prospects for rehabilitation,” the manual says.

The publication added that the older suspect might be involved in an earlier carjacking in the city that could determine if this case moves to the adult system. As of now, both girls were charged with murder, armed robbery, and carjacking. Washington DC has seen nearly 100 carjackings occurring in less than three months. The story got even more attention over CNN’s appalling take on the story, where the liberal news network appeared to have forgotten that “murder” is part of our vocabulary for crimes like this. 

“Police said the girls, 13 and 15, assaulted an Uber Eats driver with a Taser while carjacking him, which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured” is what they wrote. In other words, this was murder.