CNN Analyst Lashes Out at 'Goobers' Who Are Against COVID Vaccine Passports. It's a Doozy of a Thread.

Posted: Mar 30, 2021 6:40 PM
CNN Analyst Lashes Out at 'Goobers' Who Are Against COVID Vaccine Passports. It's a Doozy of a Thread.

Source: AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov

At first glance, you’d think this is a parody. It’s not. Someone actually tweeted this, but this person also is an analyst for CNN, so I guess it’s in keeping with the network’s policy of peddling drivel on a daily basis. I mean, this thread is something to behold. Asha Rangappa thinks that people who don’t want to get the COVID vaccine should be taxed. Why? Well, she disagrees with them, therefore, they must be punished by the government. That’s the overarching theme in this river of insanity:

Failure to vaccinate, and wear masks, and refrain from being in public places until you do increases the likelihood spread of a variant, *including to those of us trying to take precautions* -- which means more lockdowns, school closures, more health care costs, etc.

Don't want a vaccine passport? Fine. How about a TAX for those who refuse to get vaccinated, proportional to the additional costs and burdens they impose on society as a result of needing to have the 'freedom" to spread their potentially COVID variant-infected aerosol everywhere?

First, viruses are going to mutate no matter what. Second, it’s safe to reopen schools. Even Joe Biden shredded teachers' unions' main narrative to wanting to remain on permanent summer vacation. Third, it’s not just Texas that’s opening back up. Deep blue Connecticut decided to ease protocols, but that’s a Democratic state, so no backlash. Also, Texas nixed their mask mandate three weeks ago; cases are still declining. 

But last, this is a very problematic tweet. It’s also kind of a racist tax. We all know that nonwhites are a demographic that's quite resistant or wary of getting the vaccine. Under the Asha regime, tax them for being stupid, right? They're a "burden." That’s a real winner there.

The vaccine debate itself is a treacherous one, intense in the extreme. And it’s not just Trump supporters and conservatives who have questions about vaccines. Rich white liberals are also rather a vaccine-resistant group as well. It’s why there was a measles outbreak in Marin County, California. These hippies aren’t getting their kids vaccinated due to the crackpot and thoroughly debunked hypothesis of Andrew Wakefield, who lost his medical licenses over this ‘vaccines cause autism’ lie. Can there be a discussion about the scheduling of these vaccines? Sure. I, for one, think that kids getting multiple shots at once might be a bit much, but back to COVID.

What about folks who have a history of allergies to what’s in the vaccine? What about those who might have religious objections? What about the couple who is trying to have a family? I can see why women who want to become pregnant might have questions. There is nuance here, liberal America. I know you hate people ripping your trash opinions apart so you go for the hammer strike to make all bend to the will of Washington, but that’s not how this works here. At the same time, this is progressivism in a nutshell. ALL must submit. ALL must obey. And if you don’t, we’ll punish you. 

It’s just childish. This whole thread is basically one lefty saying I don’t like people who have a contrary opinion. They’re “goobers,” so let me weaponize the state to punish them. The Left really seems to love the Beijing model of oppression nowadays, huh?