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So, That's Why Facebook Deleted the Boulder Shooter's Account

AP Photo/Joe Mahoney

Liberal narratives are being torched left and right. Katie and Leah both delivered the death blows regarding the shooter who committed the heinous attack in Boulder, Colorado, in which ten people, including a police officer, were killed. The Left immediately assumed it was a white male. Then, they bashed the AR-15 rifle. It was your typical reaction, but then their faces met the asphalt when it was revealed that the shooter was 21-year-old Ahmad Al Issa, a Syrian refugee. That’s not white, folks. And scores of liberals on social media flocked to delete their tweets. These people assumed and ate crow for it. That’s what idiots do.


And now, Facebook has deleted Ahmad’s account per its protocols regarding suspected mass shooters. Before it went away — it seemed pretty clear he was no fan of Trump (via Daily Caller):

Facebook deleted accounts belonging to suspected Boulder, Colorado, shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa on Tuesday in line with its longstanding policy on suspected mass shooters, a Facebook spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Facebook account belonging to Alissa, 21, contained posts discussing Islam, his apparent failure to obtain a girlfriend, kickboxing and criticisms of former President Donald Trump.

The DCNF did not identify any content on the Facebook page that suggested a motive for the shooting Monday during a review of the account prior to its removal.


Alissa also criticized Trump on his Facebook page, according to Heavy. The suspected shooter shared a Washington Post article about Trump’s approach to refugees, commenting, “Trumps such a dick.”

Alissa suggested Trump won his election in 2016 “because of racism” in a Sept. 18, 2020, Facebook post.

I mean, when one part of a liberal narrative collapses, the whole thing eventually falls into the sea. If anything, this guy sounds pretty woke, which is the seat of irony.


For the Left, white men are violent, they commit mass shootings, and they’re Trump supporters. Ahmad was not white and hated Trump. Like the rest of the Left, he thought Trump won in 2016 due to racism. If anything, he’s one of them.

Will this be reported on by liberal outlets? Probably not, though Ahmad isn’t the first shooter to blow up the liberal narrative on mass shooters.

In 2019, Connor Betts, a self-avowed leftist and Antifa supporter, shot and killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio. He was also white and used a similar firearm used in the Boulder shooting.

NBC News tried to rehash the tired narrative that mass shootings are a crisis in this country due to their frequency. They’re not common. They’re rare, even Vox noted this. Also, the outlet was caught using two separate data sets in peddling this false narrative surrounding mass shootings. In the wake of the Boulder shooting, they said more than 100 such incidents have occurred over the past 20 years, but said in 2018, that there were 307 mass shootings in that year alone. Which is it? Someone is lying, which is a typical day in a liberal media newsroom.


The liberal media got punched in the mouth regarding the shooter’s race, his political views, and (once again) the frequency of mass shootings in America. Three strikes in less than three days. Brutal.

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