It's Not Hard to Figure Out How an Anti-Trump Group's Grift Was Kept Hidden for So Long

Posted: Mar 11, 2021 7:30 PM
It's Not Hard to Figure Out How an Anti-Trump Group's Grift Was Kept Hidden for So Long

Source: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

The Lincoln Project is finished. Don’t let their Twitter activity suggest anything otherwise. They’re just posting stuff with a total lack of self-awareness. You can’t claim to be principled when you whored out for Democrats. You certainly can’t say so when your co-founder, John Weaver, was allegedly predating younger men for years through communications that were way outside the realm of anything appropriate or professional. It’s bad enough that Weaver was reportedly offering job opportunities for sex. It’s worse than some of these men were allegedly underage when he first reached out. Now, these communications were not explicit in nature, but the FBI did launch an investigation into them regardless. It’s all bad. Most of the original crew is gone. The work environment was reportedly toxic, but these were the good character squad, which was one of the many things they supposedly despised about Trump: he lacked such qualities. 

Some $90 million were given to this swamp operative project. The New York Post did an excellent piece about its shady inner-workings, which snowballed once the Weaver allegations broke. And after that occurred, the liberal media turned on them. It’s not hard to figure out why we’re learning about this crew and their shady deeds. The liberal media hated Trump. They found a group of despicable people who called themselves Republicans who hated Trump, so it was just another round in the magazine for them. Drew Holden is the master of keeping receipts on stuff like this and he compiled a helluva thread that explains how this group’s actions were shielded until the bottom gave out. In the end, the operation used the liberal media and their contacts within it expertly to pull off quite a heist:

“In the cloud of Orange Man Bad, countless people in the media and among the chattering class wanted to root for a group of mean-spirited grifters and didn’t stop to consider if they were the mark. Turns out, they were, and they fell for Project Lincoln – hard,” Holden wrote.

“Forget that these guys haven’t won an election for a GOP candidate since I was in diapers. They helped cheer on forever wars and built a GOP so out of touch with its base that Trump got elected in the first place. Didn’t it seem a little too rich? Anyone?” he added.

He offers one parting message:

Anyway, the lesson here should be clear: often times, collections of bad people, openly acting like bad people, are, in fact, bad - in ways you see and in many ways that you don’t see right away.

Maybe next time political grifters strike it rich we can keep that in mind.

I wish we could say this is a one-and-done thing, but somewhere along the line, another operation like this will pop up and the liberal media will fall for it all over again. It’s DC. It’s the swamp. And a lot of bad people are going to capitalize on that never-ending cycle.