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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

You cannot make this up. Actually, nothing is shocking anymore. What if I were to tell you that a teachers’ union president quarterbacked an effort to keep schools closed, but then was caught dropping his daughter off at an in-person preschool? You’re probably not shocked. We have a class of people who think the rules don’t apply to them. It has infested the political class. It reeks of it on the Hill. And public-sector unions are no different. It should make parents’ blood boil (via KQED):


Parent groups are crying "hypocrisy" after a video surfaced showing the president of the Berkeley teachers union dropping off his two-year-old daughter at an in-person preschool.

Matt Meyer, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, has fought for what he called the "gold standard" for the teachers he represents — saying Berkeley schools should only reopen to in-person learning when educators are vaccinated, among other criteria.

A tentative plan between the Berkeley Unified School District and Berkeley Federation of Teachers in mid-February would see preschoolers through second grade returning to class at the end of March and other grades staggering back to in-person learning through April, according to Berkeleyside.

But some Berkeley parents have claimed that the union is moving too slow and are pushing for earlier school reopenings. They have long argued — and the Center For Disease Control and Prevention has agreed — that schools are safe to reopen without vaccinations for all teachers.

Looking to prove a double-standard by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers union president, they followed Meyer and his 2-year-old daughter to her preschool, camera in hand. The footage they captured has ignited the ire of parents groups fighting teachers unions — and Meyer in particular.


This isn’t the first-time teachers, or their unions have been caught acting deplorably, as parents deal with the mental health issues at home. Kids are seeing massive spikes in cases of anxiety and depression. And yes, some are tragically committing suicide. It’s why San Francisco wants to reopen. It’s why Clark County, Nevada, is pursuing reopening as quickly as possible; student suicides are on the uptick. Some teachers and their unions don’t appear to care. They’re more worried about limiting their ability to comment during board meetings. Yes, that point was captured on a video call with members of a school board in Oakley, which is also in the San Francisco Bay Area. They didn’t know their meeting was being broadcast publicly. It led to mass resignations and rightfully so.

The science is clear: reopen the schools. It’s safe. Sorry, teachers, but your extended summer vacation is over. You wonder why you’re being put through the shredder? Let me see, well, your remote learning experiment has failed. The kids aren’t learning. Second, and most importantly, everyone else is trying to get back to work or has already done so. Once again, some of these teachers don’t know how to read a room — at all. There are people who put themselves at more risk than you — and they’re not whining like snowflakes and engaging in anti-science hysterics about schools becoming mortuaries. Kids seldom get it or spread it. Even Joe Biden said so — this act has run its course. And this incident only gives another reason why public-sector unions, especially teachers’ unions, should be smashed into dust.


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