Teachers in Maryland Gave Solid Reasons for Why We Should Smash their Union to Dust

Posted: Feb 25, 2021 4:30 PM
Teachers in Maryland Gave Solid Reasons for Why We Should Smash their Union to Dust

Source: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The party is over. It’s done. The science says reopen the schools. The CDC director says reopen the schools. Pediatricians have said (for months now) it’s safe to reopen the schools. Even Joe Biden says it’s safe to reopen the schools. Get back to work and cut the crap because we all see what you’re doing here. Besides exhibiting incredible laziness, it’s a political exercise. You’re flexing your political muscle while kids are not learning, becoming depressed, and committing suicide. And these a-holes have the stones to have a rally and say that the only reason parents want them back to work is because of…babysitters?

Yeah, Rockville, Maryland was the site of this freak show, where teachers raged that they won’t go back to work until community spread was low, teachers are vaccinated, and buildings are upgraded. In other words, they don’t want to work. Teachers skipped the line across the river here in Northern Virginia. Guess what? They still don’t want to work. And these are the same people who complain about their pay, even though they don’t work a full year, and they come out with this nonsense. The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney was there, and our friends at Twitchy made sure to get the best tweets from this event as well. He wrote about these teachers’ unions just made the case for why they should be smashed into dust (via Washington Examiner):

Enough is enough,” declared Jeremy Levine, a featured speaker at the teachers union rally. “You will not sacrifice our lives, disrupt our communities, and endanger our students, for what? Test scores? Or a few folks to get their free babysitters back?”

“Keep the schools shut,” Levine said on Tuesday, until teachers are vaccinated, buildings are upgraded, and community spread drops even lower.

The cars crawled by, honking in support, as part of a massive car rally against the Montgomery County school board’s plan to reopen schools for most students by the end of April.


These things, vaccines and better ventilation, would make things safer for sure. But many teachers went overboard in stating the dangers of teaching.

“No Tributes. No Hunger Games. We are NOT expendable,” read one teacher’s sign. "You will not sacrifice our lives," Levine said. The implicit theme was that opening schools to in-person teaching amid 3% and falling positivity, mask mandates, and universal testing of students and staff was likely to lead to teacher deaths.

Also, the teachers at the Rockville rally pushed back on the criticisms of virtual learning.


There was also anger at how teachers seem to have fallen in public esteem. One teacher asked, “why should we face vitriol” for opposing reopening?

Why is there anger? Uh, maybe because the COVID lockdown regime and keeping schools closed has—I don’t know—led to unprecedented spikes in depression and anxiety in children. Does that factor into this thinking or not? For educators, this appears to be a legion of morons who simply do not like the science when it doesn’t fit their narrative. Clark County, Nevada is rushing to reopen due to student suicides. San Francisco is trying to do the same

Remote learning doesn’t work either. Why are teachers subject to vitriol? They deserve it. Period. The science doesn’t support their cause, neither does Joe Biden. They’re truly on an island by themselves in their position to keep their summer vacation going. And even if there was a good argument to keeping schools shuttered, they’re not picking the best people to quarterback the messaging. 

I mean, I wish I could identify as a teacher and not work, but that’s not in the cards for me. It never was. Everyone else is working or trying to get by—and these teachers just want to stay home. Gee—I’m truly astonished why people are sick of their excuses. What's even more disturbing is their inability to read the room and pick up on this stuff.