Biden Set to Purge Trump-Era US Attorneys...And Can You Guess Why Such a Move Is No Longer Scandalous?

Posted: Feb 09, 2021 6:00 AM
Biden Set to Purge Trump-Era US Attorneys...And Can You Guess Why Such a Move Is No Longer Scandalous?

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It’s that time of the transition, folks. The old vestiges of the Trump administration within the Department of Justice are about to be wiped out except for two. John Durham is sticking around as the special counsel investigation into Russiagate is still ongoing and David Weiss is remaining as he’s involved in a federal investigation involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Everyone else is about to be asked to submit their resignations. The legal Red Wedding is here. It’s not scandalous anymore. Under Trump, this was seen as some power grab when it’s simply routine. Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno asked all 93 US Attorneys under the previous administration to get the hell out. Biden is doing the same and his successor will do the same to his US attorney appointees (via NBC News):

The Biden administration will begin removing all Senate-confirmed U.S. attorneys appointed during the Trump administration, with two exceptions, a senior Justice Department official said.

The process, which is not uncommon, could start as early as Tuesday. They will be asked to resign.

John Durham will remain in place to investigate the origins of the Russia probe, but not as U.S. attorney for the district of Connecticut, the official said. He was appointed as a special counsel and given extra protections for the inquiry by Attorney General William Barr last fall.

David Weiss, U.S. attorney for Delaware, will also remain in place. Hunter Biden, the president's son, said in December that federal officials in Delaware were investigating his taxes.


In 2017, President Donald Trump abruptly ordered the resignation of 46 U.S. attorneys who were holdovers from the Obama administration.

Hold on, rewind that for a second in the blockquote. I’m sorry, folks—I spoke too soon. The liberal media still tries to make something out of nothing regarding anything Trump.

“The process” of firing US attorneys from the previous administration “is not uncommon” under Biden, but for Trump, it’s “abruptly ordered.”  In fact, that’s exactly how The New York Times framed this story in 2017, when Trump went through the “the process, which is not uncommon,” of dismissing Obama-era appointees in an…abrupt move. Nope. It’s just a process that occurs whenever there’s a new administration, but it’s hilariously predictable how there is no outrage over these firings now.

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