What a Yale Doctor Wishes Fauci Would Say When Talking About Hydroxychloroquine

Posted: Feb 02, 2021 2:05 PM
What a Yale Doctor Wishes Fauci Would Say When Talking About Hydroxychloroquine

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

You all remember the media’s attacks on hydroxychloroquine in early 2020, right? It was part of the coordinated effort by the media to downplay any good news on COVID. This was their ticket to get rid of Trump — and it worked. COVID tanked the markets and destroyed jobs. The media and the Democratic Party tried to pin all of this on Trump as if he cooked up the virus in Wuhan, China, to destroy his own re-election chances. Never mind how congressional Democrats torpedoed COVID relief to millions of working families as Election Day drew near, but that’s over with now. Biden is president and now the media has to deal with a harsh reality: Biden’s COVID agenda is eerily similar to Donald Trump’s plan. We knew this last summer, so welcome to the party, pal.

Trump set the stage to have not one, not two, but three vaccines to combat this virus. Johnson & Johnson will probably have its authorization from the Food and Drug Administration soon. Operation Warp Speed was an immense success, the Trump administration’s greatest domestic achievement. Yet, hydroxychloroquine appears to have been an effective treatment when used with other drugs. It wasn’t a magic bullet — but a new study has shown its effectiveness in conjunction with other drugs administered to treat COVID symptoms. One doctor noted his frustration with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s COVID czar, over his dismissal of the drug. What are the studies that make Fauci so sure hydroxychloroquine is a dud? He wants to know (via Washington Examiner):

A Yale University doctor took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci for the infectious disease expert’s dismissal of hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

“I really wish Dr. Fauci would say something in terms of evidence. He never quotes any studies. It’s hard to know if he has any evidence,” Dr. Harvey Risch said of Fauci’s dismissal of the drug during an appearance on the Ingraham Angle. “The study we published is a review of all of the evidence for early treatment as a whole.”

Risch continued by pointing out that there are many treatments that work well in addition to hydroxychloroquine.

“It’s not just one drug,” Risch said. “It’s not just hydroxychloroquine. There are many drugs that can be used, as we have seen this week. ... There is a whole new repertoire ... of drugs that work in early treatment. And we combine them to get maximal benefits. That’s how we treat early COVID, and it works well.”


Risch’s comments come as new research has begun to emerge, showing that hydroxychloroquine may be an effective treatment for some COVID-19 symptoms after all.

This falls in line with the messaging fiasco over masks. We’ve gone from don’t wear them, to wear them, to wear two, to there’s no data to suggest double masking works, and now maybe double masking might be logical. This comes after California, a state with draconian COVID protocols and a near-universal mask compliance rate, saw a massive spike over the holidays — nearly 1 million cases in six weeks. Nationally, we would have seen a dip in COVID cases if California didn’t blow up. Again, do masks work? They didn’t in California. And now, we may be doing a 180-degree turn on hydroxychloroquine? And the media wonders why Americans are just finished with the COVID lockdown regime.

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