Another White Liberal Busted for Peddling a Racial Hoax for Career Gain

Posted: Jan 08, 2021 7:45 PM
Another White Liberal Busted for Peddling a Racial Hoax for Career Gain

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I mean, how many times are we going to see this happen within the world of white liberals? Rachel Dolezal, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Baldwin (not calling her Hilaria), and now some human rights lawyer who claimed to be Puerto Rican and Colombian but is really some white girl from Georgia. It’s the liberal America exception again, folks. It’s bad to culturally appropriate. It might be racist, and you should be shamed and destroyed for doing so, but if you’re a liberal and fighting for like-minded causes — it’s ok. You get a hall pass. Alas, the lack of principles at the core of American liberalism. It’s nothing but rot.

For a slice of the country that wants to get us all "woke" and change past racial and ethnic norms, there sure are a lot of these people who have straight-up lied to get ahead, huh? This is just as bad as putting "Native American" or whatever down on college applications. It’s a fraud. So, what’s this white woman from Georgia’s name? It’s Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, and she’s been claiming to be Hispanic for nearly a decade (via NY Post):

She serves senior counsel at the Latino Justice Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Records obtained by the site say Bannan’s family arrived in the United States from Ireland, Italy and Russia.

On Monday, Bannan, 43, clarified that she’s white in response to the report

“I am racially white, and have always said that. However my cultural identity was formed as a result of my family, both chosen and chosen for me, and that has always been Latinx,” the attorney wrote.

“My identity is my most authentic expression of who I am and how I pay honor to the people who have formed me since I was a child.”

And there it is. That’s the red flag. Only white liberals use "Latinx." Only white liberals think that’s a thing. It’s not. You cannot be Puerto Rican or Colombian if you don’t have a drop of blood running through your veins. I was raised by Italians and Irish. That’s not my cultural identity. I mean, it’s American, but I can’t say I’m full-blooded Italian. People would look at me as if I’m nuts — and they’d be right. The pretzels these clowns twist themselves into to justify stealing racial heritages to further their careers is some high-class white privilege, which again I was told was not good.

Recently, Alec Baldwin’s wife, who allegedly claimed to be from Mallorca, Spain, got busted for peddling a similar ethnic scandal. She’s a white woman from the greater Boston area. All five of her kids have Spanish names. She put on a fake accent. She was featured in the Madrid-based magazine Hola! For years, she was described as Spanish. She’s not. And any good public relations person would have pointed that out to her regarding this fake part of her biography. Why didn’t they? Maybe "Hilaria" didn’t think she’d be caught. I don’t know, but the evidence exposing this circus was both cringeworthy and flat-out hilarious.