We're Cancel Culture-Obsessed, So Let's Talk About Andrew Cuomo's White Ex-Girlfriend's Kwanzaa Cake Fiasco

Posted: Jan 01, 2021 9:30 AM
We're Cancel Culture-Obsessed, So Let's Talk About Andrew Cuomo's White Ex-Girlfriend's Kwanzaa Cake Fiasco

Source: Mike Groll/Office of Governor of Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

*Some of you already know about this infamous cake recipe.

It's a flashback story, but the Left is very keen on looking into the past to find any reason to cancel people. In this case, if the rules were applied equally, Andrew Cuomo's former girlfriend probably would have suffered that fate. She only lucked out that this incident occurred some 17 years ago.

Look, it’s not his fault. Cuomo wasn’t elected into the Empire State’s highest office yet. Hell, he wasn’t even dating this woman yet, but the Left doesn’t care. By the Left, I mean pretty much the insufferable white liberal slice of America who after taking an American studies class—thinks that entitles them to be the protectors of communities of color. Yeah, that’s not paternalistic at all, right? These legions of morons are spreading their ‘woke’ cancer everywhere. It’s an attempted top-to-bottom overhaul of American culture. The Founding Fathers have to go because most owned slaves. You can’t serve Hispanic food unless you yourself are from that community. The cultural appropriation must end unless you’re a white liberal. Alec Baldwin’s white, Boston-born wife who claimed to be Spanish in promotional material knows something about faking ethnic ties. The same can be said for Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal. 

Even though Cuomo didn’t start dating her until 2005, Sandra Lee of Food Network’s Semi-Homemade Cooking did a 2003 segment that is not only cringeworthy, it’s everything that is anathema to the progressive Left. Again, Lee is lucky she did this recipe nearly two decades ago because she would have triggered the entirety of ‘woke’ America. She made a Kwanzaa cake

No, I’m not kidding. For those who remember, she made one in what the late Anthony Bourdain described as a “crime against humanity.” No one celebrates this fake holiday, so it’s truly an unforced error. Second, the optics of a white woman making a Kwanzaa cake that looks like trash is just…you can’t make this up. Look, I don’t care that she did it, but we all know that if this aired today—Lee would be tarred and feathered. She broke up with Cuomo in 2019, possibly dodging the bullet so to speak of being canceled by association by the ‘woke’ mob over this culinary Chernobyl-like incident. 

Granted, Lee takes it in stride. She knows the criticism. She knows how Bourdain trashed her. 

“Kwanzaa is about harvest. I celebrate every holiday,” said Lee to The New York Times in 2012 as the reason behind the cake. 

Lady, again, you and your now ex-governor boyfriend benefit from the fact that you didn’t date until 2005, and that he’s a member of a prominent family in the Democratic Party, which means he is afforded miles of cover from the media. At the time, by extension, you might be able to be protected in the shade of the liberal media as well. We also weren’t dealing with a culturally Marxist and unhinged liberal segment of America during this time. George Bush was president and we had a Republican Congress. Still, if high schools named after people, like Abraham Lincoln, because he wasn’t progressive enough, well a white woman making a cake for Kwanzaa should and probably would elicit a rather angry response from the white liberal race protection squad.