Hollywood Actress: I Hope Trump Gets Raped in Prison

Posted: Dec 14, 2020 5:45 PM
Hollywood Actress: I Hope Trump Gets Raped in Prison

Source: Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

It must be nice to be rich, famous, and have the blanket of the Democrat-media complex to shield you from accountability. The Democratic Party obviously enjoys this privilege; look at the protective shield they placed around Joe and Hunter Biden. But Hollywood gets Iron Dome-levels of protection, especially when homophobic rape threats are hurled. Yeah, you read that right. Debra Messing will probably not lose any acting jobs over this, but wishing that President Trump gets raped in prison is pretty unhinged. You all know that. It’s truly despicable, but the irony is thick here.

For years now, the #MeToo movement is all about combating rape and sexual harassment, unless it's liberals who are the targets. At the same time, rape is bad unless you’re wishing it upon conservatives. Once again, the two rules doctrine is present. Once again, you see how the Left truly thinks about us—and Joe Biden wants us to come together with his voter base. You can go to hell. And eventually, liberal America will form a circular firing squad because they're that stupid. Messing was accused of homophobia with this tweet, "Donald Trump, you are a weak, scared, stupid, inept, negligent, vindictive, narcissistic, criminal. I hope you live a long life in prison where you become the most popular boyfriend to the [sic] all inmates."

Oh, grab some popcorn (via Daily Wire):

Some of Messing’s followers criticized her for the homophobic insult.

“Maybe rethink this homophobic undertoned tweet?” said one Twitter user.

“Love you Deb but please don’t bring gay sex into the equation as something derogatory,” said another user.

“I happen to be gay…you suck in a bad way,” said another.

“Nice ‘tolerance’ display, especially towards the gay community,” said another.

“Wow, you’re quite the #homophobe. You just put a lot of gay youth at risk. Thanks for that,” said another.

Messing dug herself deeper in this maelstrom of idiocy saying, "Let me be clear: I said nothing about LGBTQI/queer LOVE. Rape is an act of violence. Trump has perpetrated violence on hundreds of millions of people. My hope is (and this is the first time in my life) that the tables are turned and he is the victim of perpetrators."

Yeah, that’s not true, Debbie. Also, I’m sure your gay fanbase, who obviously ripped you to shreds, probably wouldn't accept this clarification, if you could call it that.

The cycle of stupid here is quite a journey. Debbie makes a rape threat to Trump, which offends many as homophobic. Messing responds by saying she loves the gays but still hopes Trump gets raped in prison—which was the basis for the outrage over her tweet. Debbie thinks reaffirming her support for the gay community gives her a pass. That’s not how any of this works just from a logical standpoint.

The moral of the story here is that liberals are trash. They’re corrupt. They're condescending. They’re bad people. And they think the rules don’t apply.