Tucker Zeroes In On the Demographic That Really Wants to Defund the Police...It's Not Shocking

Posted: Nov 12, 2020 3:15 AM
Tucker Zeroes In On the Demographic That Really Wants to Defund the Police...It's Not Shocking

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

It's no wonder why the Left hates Tucker Carlson so much. He knows them inside and out. He knows what they’ll do. He’s a man who knows his enemy. With Joe Biden on the cusp of clinching the 2020 race, which makes me gag, let’s re-visit one of the action items that the far-left want: defunding the police. It’s not a few odd apples pushing this. We have city councils doing so or at the very least cutting their police budgets to accommodate this unhinged slice of the progressive base. Actually, that’s not accurate either. That progressive base is growing and will soon be the base of the Democratic Party. 

And yet, no one wants it. Carlson noted across the spectrum, no one really supports this idea. And yet, they will force us to accept it out of fear of being labeled racist. It’s racist to support the police and the rule of law. That’s progressivism in 2020. Hispanics, blacks, and every normal thinking person things this is a terrible idea. Is there room for reform? Sure, but progressives have an all or nothing approach to everything. Nuanced positions and rational policy prescriptions get in the way of their main goal of total government control. 

On Wednesday night, Carlson zeroed in on who really supports this idea: “unmarried, unhappy, gender studies majors from Duke.”

He’s not wrong. In fact, a great many of the idea progressive hurl into the liberal media echo chamber are from entitled, snobby, and overeducated coastal elites who will be able to survive the economic turmoil their policies will inflict on millions of American families. To use their lexicon, that’s a position of privilege. It’s also quite evil. Those with college educations survive, while those under-educated should be punished for being as such. Case in point, their Green New Deal will be nothing short of a regional genocide for anyone not in the liberal Northeast or California. And these people will have greater access to government power if Biden is able to beat back the various legal challenges in the states where allegations of voter fraud are running rampant. 

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Yet, please, keep peddling this stuff, left-wingers. It only cost you seats this cycle that really shouldn’t have been in play. And it will place even more in the crosshairs for the 2022 midterms.