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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

We’re still in Hail Mary territory, but here’s one way, albeit a narrow one, where this election could become a Democratic nightmare. I’m just gaming things out here. We have scores of affidavits and witness testimony about the funny business that occurred on election night. We have allegations of ballots being illegally backdated and dead people voting. In Georgia, which is heading for a recount, an election official there said that he has no doubts that illegal votes will be unearthed. Every one of these allegations has to be investigated. The legal challenges must be allowed to play out. If Democrats won fair and square, what have they got to lose…other than being exposed for perpetrating a massive voter fraud scheme—allegedly. 


Right now, the turnout in Wayne County, Michigan, which encompasses Detroit, looks like it’s too much to overcome. The city turned out enough to put Biden over the top in the immediate, but Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin are very close. Given the voter fraud allegations we’ve seen, it won’t take that many invalidated Biden ballots to make 2020 very interesting. And by that, I mean with a Trump win. Right now, in those three states, less than 50,000  ballots total (47,852 to be exact) need to be tossed over these voter integrity concerns in these three states. That’s it. Given that votes are being counted, let’s say a minimum of between 45,000-50,000 need to be trashed for Trump to clinch these states and end the 2020 cycle with a 269-269 Electoral College tie. 

This is the nightmare situation for liberals, as the House of Representatives will decide who is the winner in a contingent election. It’s by state delegation, which the Republican Party holds the advantage over Democrats 26-23. Trump would win. If that happens, the meltdown would be epic. The Electoral College would no longer be the top enemy, though it would be attacked again, the House of Representatives would come under attack by the ‘woke’ Left. And this comes after endless lectures about protecting our institutions and accepting the results, right?


It’s a hail Mary throw. It’s not certain, but it’s a path that could happen. It doesn’t mean that it will. For now, though, it’s best to remain focused on counting all the legal votes and letting the legal challenges play out.

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