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AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for a no-holds-barred interview for 45 minutes. Bobulinski didn’t want this interview. He doesn’t need to do it, but his reputation was being smeared as Russian misinformation. He was a guest at the final debate and when the former vice president denied being involved in Hunter’s business dealings, he almost stood up and shouted, “liar.”


He added that Joe Biden is the “big guy” referenced in an equity arrangement with a shady Chinese firm with ties to the government. The “chairman” is also what Hunter called his dad during these negotiations. It’s in the texts Bobulinski turned over to the FBI from his other business partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar. Bobulinski turned over all devices and business records relating to these Biden dealings and was interviewed by the FBI. He re-confirmed what we already knew in the wake of the exposure of Hunter Biden.

In the end, while Bobulinski was picked as the point person for the Biden's business interests in China, the Chinese were only concerned about keeping the Bidens involved. He also feels that the Bidens are compromised and that money from this Chinese deal was really a private loan. He added that coming forward has led to death threats, with his former business associates warning that if he shot his mouth off, the reputations of all involved will be ruined.


At any rate, yes, if Biden was trying to get a security clearance, he couldn’t get one with these questions surrounding his involvement in these overseas dealings. Oh, and again, Joe Biden is a liar for saying he didn't know what his son was doing.


The Biden doctrine is to get paid first, by America’s enemies or whoever, and then ask questions later. With Ukraine, it showed that Joe was willing to use the American government's power to protect his family’s interests, as he saved Burisma from a prosecutor investigating the company for fraud back in 2014-15. Hunter was on the board of Burisma at the time.

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