The Two Trump Attack Lines Against Biden That Resonate with Voters

Posted: Oct 19, 2020 5:45 PM
The Two Trump Attack Lines Against Biden That Resonate with Voters

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

They're not all grand slams. In 2016, ‘crooked Hillary’ resonated with voters and it was also true. In 2020, there really isn’t an attack line that the Biden camp can’t shake off. Well, put it this way, there’s no ‘crooked Hillary’-like attack line that will be as effective. Then again, these emails from Hunter Biden could tweak things a bit. We’ll circle back to that in a second. There were two lines of attack Trump was using that that were working, and the Democrats set up the so-called “malarky factory” to counter it. Joe Biden helming a socialist agenda and his mental health were effective with voters. 

You’ve heard Trump, “Joe is shot,” right? Not saying that Trump shouldn’t have been less aggressive in the first debate, but Joe will hang himself if you give him the time to do so. Trump’s interruptions were the story, instead of Joe Biden running away from the Green New Deal, defunding the police, and single-payer health care. These three issues are prized by the rabid progressive base he needs to win in 2020—and Joe offered three reasons for why they should stay home. Will an ardent leftist vote for someone to possibly to be in office for the next four-to-eight years…who won’t back what they want? No. That’s not the mindset of a Bernie voter. It’s better to try again with someone of the Sanders vein in 2024 when Trump is term-limited.

Still, The Washington Post wrote about the so-called “Malarky factory” which has been monitoring information about the senile Democratic candidate. Look, Joe has said multiple times he’s running for Senate, got elected to that institution 180 years ago, and struggles mightily during events without a teleprompter. He was shot an hour into his town hall event with ABC News last week. Totally gassed. And as for the socialism angle, we all know if Joe wins in a couple of weeks, he’s going to own the green Left a huge debt. He can’t run away from the Green New Deal. He’ll have to enact good chunks of it, which is a backdoor to socialism. The entire environmental Left’s agenda is not about climate change but controlling the means of production. Voters know this, which is why Trump should keep hammering away at socialism and Biden being a drooling vegetable who shouldn’t be trusted with the nuclear launch codes (via WaPo):

Joe Biden’s campaign has quietly built a multimillion-dollar operation over the past two months that’s largely designed to combat misinformation online, aiming to rebut President Trump while bracing for any information warfare that could take place in the aftermath of the election.

The effort, internally called the “Malarkey Factory,” consists of dozens of people around the country monitoring what information is gaining traction digitally, whether it’s resonating with swing voters and, if so, how to fight back. The three most salient attacks the Malarkey Factory has confronted so far are claims that Biden is a socialist, that he is “creepy” and that he is “sleepy” or senile.

In preparation for misinformation spreading as voters head to the polls, especially a stretch around Election Day when Facebook will not let campaigns buy new ads, the campaign has partnered with dozens of Facebook pages associated with liberal individuals or groups that have large followings. The campaign has also enlisted 5,000 surrogates with big social media platforms who can pump out campaign messages.

The Malarkey Factory has already been at work. When Trump began attacking Biden as a socialist, for example, the Biden campaign saw that it was affecting Hispanic voters in Florida. So it developed counter-messaging that showed a different image of Biden, with him speaking of his love for America and being endorsed by former president Barack Obama, and the campaign blasted the messaging to Latinos in the state.


The campaign also found that Trump’s attack on Biden’s criminal justice record was not resonating with the Black voters prized by Biden’s campaign. His attacks on Biden’s mental acuity, however, were hitting home, so the campaign sent videos to targeted voters showing their candidate talking clearly and articulately.

Well, the Latino outreach in Florida has been a trainwreck, and that’s not easily fixed in a few weeks. Also, yes, Biden is going to win Miami-Dade County, the most populous Democratic bastion in Florida, but Trump is running quite nicely there as well regarding the battle for the margins. In Pennsylvania, voters there know his position on fracking is to destroy it and kill an industry that has led to scores of jobs for Keystone families. Trump should continue hitting those points, but this time just let Joe speak. You have two minutes to respond, Mr. President and we all know it’ll take you less time to chop up Joe’s word salad. Be aggressive, hit Joe on his socialist agenda and his brain fog, and let the man ramble his way out of the White House. Then, you deliver the haymaker with your response. I’m telling you, letting Joe talk will do damage. 

See you Thursday. 

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