All Is Well…Just Nearly 50,000 Voters in Ohio Received Incorrect Ballots

Posted: Oct 09, 2020 2:35 PM
All Is Well…Just Nearly 50,000 Voters in Ohio Received Incorrect Ballots

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How many headshots can this scheme take? I mean, seriously. This whole narrative is beyond brain dead. The vote-by-mail era was short, but now it’s over. Story after story about voters receiving improper ballots, multiple ballots, and even their pets getting ballots have dominated the reporting regarding this Democratic Party-led proposal. In the COVID era, Democrats did pick the best way to defraud an election. They even had some states, like Pennsylvania, agree to accept ballots whose voter signatures did not match.

Yet, two things happened. One, the U.S. Postal Service was quite clear that it couldn’t guarantee that all of the ballots could be submitted for counting in time due to the massive volume; we really have no experience with this method. Second, ballot rejection rates were higher than usual. This led to Democrats rushing to change their tune and pish for in-person voting if the conditions are safe. They are; even Dr. Anthony Fauci has gone on the record saying so.

Now, we have another fiasco occurring in Franklin County, Ohio, where 50,000 people got the wrong ballot (via Fox News):

Nearly 50,000 voters in Franklin County -- Ohio's most populous county -- received incorrect absentee ballots in the mail, elections officials said Friday, revealing a major glitch that appeared to affect one in five ballots the county had sent so far.

Officials promised to have new ballots mailed within three days to the 49,669 voters who received the wrong ones.

"We want to make it clear that every voter who received an inaccurate ballot will receive a corrected ballot," the board said in a news release, according to the Columbus Dispatch. 

A list of voters who got the wrong ballot will be posted on the Franklin County Board of Elections website. 

Voters affected can wait for their new ballot or show up at the county board of elections during early voting hours to cast an in-person absentee ballot.

This is a mess.

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And this caps off more news regarding how disastrous this method of voting is after a New Jersey mail carrier was arrested for trashing ballots. Oh, and in Paterson, New Jersey, its entire municipal election was invalidated after 20 percent of the ballots were rejected over voter fraud concerns.

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