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AP Photo/Jim Mone

First Lady Melania Trump closed out the second night of the Republican National Convention. It was a great speech that hit on school choice, opioid addiction, the dangers of social media, and her family’s journey to America. She’s an immigrant who is now the First Lady. That’s an indelibly American story. Given that Fox News has been cutting out of the convention for some odd reason, I’ve been watching the RNC on C-Span. After yesterday’s programming wrapped, callers were invited for feedback on Melania’s speech. 

Let me tell you. If these callers all vote in November, we’re winning 48 states. It was flooded with former Democrats, who are now Trump Republicans. One woman, another Democrat, from Minneapolis said there was a stark difference between the conventions this cycle in the sense that the Democratic one totally left out the rioting that engulfed her city and others across the country. They didn’t speak to her concerns; the Democrats abandoned her. Yeah, so for all these elitist left-wingers who wonder what people they left behind, well, here you go. 

One caller, Helen from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, said:

“I come from a long line of Democrats, but I have to say I switched parties because I’m so impressed what our president did. And tonight’s—the whole RNC was wonderful. I think Democrats really have to take a look at what has happened to them. How they switched their focus. How they don’t stand up for what the American people really stand for…they spoke what real, true Americans are.”

When asked who she voted for in 2016, Helen said that she didn’t vote for Trump, but “she is now, most definitely.” This comes off Rick from Ohio, another C-Span caller, who said that the first night of the RNC is all that was needed to push him into the GOP camp. He’s now backing Republicans, thanks to their references to GOD in their remarks.  

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