Oh, This Guy Again? Jeff Flake Once Again Shows His Penchant for Stabbing the GOP in the Back

Posted: Aug 24, 2020 2:45 PM
Oh, This Guy Again? Jeff Flake Once Again Shows His Penchant for Stabbing the GOP in the Back

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Are we truly shocked that former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is backing Joe Biden? The man was the most worthless Republican in the U.S. Senate before he decided to quit. Actually, he was sort of forced to because if there was a primary challenge, he would have lost. He also wasn’t on the best re-election ground, anyway, just barely winning his 2012 election to that seat. He then decided to be nothing more than the biggest pain in the ass to the Trump White House and the Republican Party. 

He stood in the way of a continuing resolution amid a looming government shutdown in 2018. He delayed the confirmation of judicial appointments until a bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller was considered. And he even said that he’d rather see a Democrat win the 2020 presidential election. Flake is a Democrat in all but name, so we shouldn’t be shocked that he’s joined John Kasich and his GOP brigade of no-names who are backing Joe Biden (via NBC News):

More than two-dozen former Republican members of Congress, including ex-Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, endorsed Joe Biden for president on Monday, hours ahead of the Republican National Convention.

Speaking in a live video on several social media platforms, Flake explained why he plans to vote for Biden and not for President Donald Trump.

"Today, given what we have experienced over the past four years, it's not enough just to register our disapproval of the president," Flake said. "We need to elect someone else in his place — someone who will stop the chaos and reverse the damage."

Biden’s presidential campaign announced the list of endorsements in a press release Monday morning.

The only good news for Flake is that Mitt Romney has taken his title of the most insufferable Republican as of now. The man could have just stayed away, tucked safely in the wilderness. We would have left him alone. Now, he’s decided to pop his head out of the bunker only to get whacked by a rake. Dude, you should have just stayed gone. You caused unnecessary heartburn over spending bills, judicial nominations, and we’ll never forget your pathetic, spineless caving during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight. If the GOP truly acted like you, whimpering away like a scared wombat after being yelled at in an elevator by some liberal, then the Republican Party should just end being in the national politics business. Luckily, there people in the ranks with more spine than you. 

So, welcome back, loser Flake.