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CNN Reporter's Mind-Numbingly Stupid Reason for Why Trump Picked Gettysburg As Possible Convention Speech Site

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is said to be one of the sites for President Trump’s convention speech. The national conventions for both parties are going virtual due to the coronavirus outbreak. Trump originally planned to deliver his remarks from the White House, which caused an uproar on the Left and raised legal issues. So, there’s an alternative location, as Katie wrote yesterday, the latter serving as one of the turning points of the American Civil War. Well, as you’d expect, CNN, one of the nation’s most vocal anti-Trump networks, had one of their reporters hurl in some nutty talk as to why Trump picked this spot: It’s where the Confederacy won. Wait…what?!


Yeah, I’m not kidding. Jeremy Diamond, who Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck aptly described as a Jim Acosta wannabe, said Gettysburg was selected as an alternative because “This is a President who has consistently positions himself as a defender of Confederate symbols and monuments to Confederate generals.” The funny thing is that even Diamond admits this was a site for Confederate defeat during the war. 

“This is brought to you by the same news media that's asked whether he's okay the North won,” wrote Houck who documented this insanity. 

And yet, again, the media wonders why they’re vilified at Trump’s events, on social media, and with the general public. It’s because of nonsense like this; it’s all your fault, guys. And yes, you’ve earned the “fake news” and “enemies of the people” monikers daily. You say you want to do better after getting clocked in the face with Trump’s win in 2016, but you don’t mean it. If anything, you people have become more unspooled during this presidency. Anything will be perverted and warped into an attack by these people—anything. It can be incredibly annoying, but it’s still entertaining to watch this clown show. These people actually think they’re some defenders of democracy or whatever. They have been and will always be slaves to the Democratic Party. 


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