CDC Director Admits One Incentive That Could Screw with COVID Death Toll

Posted: Aug 03, 2020 2:35 PM
CDC Director Admits One Incentive That Could Screw with COVID Death Toll

Source: AP Photo/David Goldman

Well, nothing is shocking anymore when it comes to COVID. Nothing. For starters, we haven’t been told anything new about the virus other than wear a mask. Does it aerosolize or not? That’s been a ping-pong game, as has its lifespan and spread regarding surfaces from asymptomatics. Oh, yeah, we were told by the Chinese-infested World Health Organization that those who are asymptomatic don’t really spread it only to backtrack it 24-36 hours later. These so-called experts don’t know. They’ve been peddling nonsense to weeks. Their time is over. They can shove it. All of them.

We all have to stay inside and save lives but go outside and riot for Black Lives Matter. That’s a matter of moral urgency, so the virus isn’t transmittable. Yeah, these are the medical experts. Lord knows how much time these ‘woke’ medical quacks wasted not studying the virus in order to keep the nation on the edge of total panic. Well, we’re done. The lockdowns are over. And it’s going to be hilarious to see these same medical clowns wonder why there is an uptick in suicides, drug use, mental health issues, and childhood developmental problems from pushing panic and mayhem about this virus. By the way, all of these issues are much more damaging to the socio-economic fabric of American than COVID. And all of this partially because “orange man…bad.” Everything is political now, folks. Everything. Act accordingly. Some people might not like it, but the Left pushed us to this juncture. 

And now, we don’t even know what the real numbers are right now. New cases don’t mean jack. It tells us nothing about the virus. There has not been a massive spike in the death toll, despite CNN cobbling together a half a dozen states to keep their panic porn narrative going. Nothing will ever come close to New York’s single-day death toll or its infection rate. It’s liberal America that decided to kill seniors wholesale, thanks to Grim Reaper Andrew Cuomo and his equally mentally defective cousin King Murphy in New Jersey. New York is the reason why COVID spread in the US. 

But back to the numbers, the liberal media hates Florida for some reason. They think it’s ground zero. It’s not. And you know these liberal media types are hoping for dead bodies. They’re lusting for it. It ain’t going to happen. What is happening is that the numbers there are screwed. We have some laboratories not reporting the negative results which cut down on the positivity rates. At Orlando Health, they reported a 98 percent positivity rate, but with negative results, it’s really 9.4 percent. A motorcyclist with COVID was killed in a crash but listed as a fatality of the virus. That’s not accurate and you know this isn’t the first time. Now, the CDC is even admitting that some hospitals have a financial incentive to overcount COVID deaths (via Washington Examiner):

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield agreed that some hospitals have a monetary incentive to overcount coronavirus deaths as they do deaths for other diseases.

“I think you’re correct in that we’ve seen this in other disease processes, too. Really, in the HIV epidemic, somebody may have a heart attack but also have HIV — the hospital would prefer the [classification] for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement,” Redfield said during a House panel hearing Friday when asked by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer about potential “perverse incentives.”

Redfield continued: “So, I do think there’s some reality to that. When it comes to death reporting, though, ultimately, it’s how the physician defines it in the death certificate, and … we review all of those death certificates. So I think, probably it is less operable in the cause of death, although I won’t say there are not some cases. I do think though [that] when it comes to hospital reimbursement issues or individuals that get discharged, there could be some play in that for sure.”

Questions have been raised about coronavirus counting in hospitals across the country, and conflicting conclusions have been raised about whether or not deaths are being accurately counted.

The publication added that thousands of COVID deaths have been taken off the books due to error. For example, one Florida man with COVID was listed as a fatality, despite dying from a gunshot wound to the head. We’re flying blind, with a Trump-deranged media at the helm. By their standards, we’d never be allowed outside again. Unless it’s something that can be used against Trump, hence their deafening silence over COVID and social distancing that occurred for two weeks during the George Floyd riots. Ignore the clowns, this is America. And the lockdowns are over.