New Book Revealing the '21 Biggest Lies About Trump' Might Trigger One Group..And It's Not Liberals

Posted: Jul 10, 2020 3:53 AM
New Book Revealing the '21 Biggest Lies About Trump' Might Trigger One Group..And It's Not Liberals

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

He may go down as one of the most misunderstood and hated presidents in the modern era. Donald J. Trump is anathema to the Left. He’s hated by Democrats, their liberal media allies, and their equally unhinged audiences. He’s not a politician. That’s the point. He’s not a conservative Republican in the typical mold that we’ve seen occupy the Oval Office. That’s okay as well. He’s a right-leaning populist. So what? He still supports roughly 85 percent or more of what conservative Republicans have advocated for years: lower regulations, fewer taxes, smaller governments, and a strong national defense. Oh, he’s the devil alright. My eyes cannot roll any harder.

Retired U.S. Army colonel, trial lawyer, and Townhall senior columnist Kurt Schlichter is out with a book that will surely drive liberals insane. It’ll also give Trump supporters much needed ammunition to fight their political battles with their lefty neighbors this election cycle, along with Kurt’s healthy dose of wit that comes when he eviscerates the Left’s shockingly weak arguments.

He wrote a book about the 21 lies about Trump…and you. We’ll only discuss a few here. You’ll just have to buy the book to learn about the rest. But some of these you’ve already heard ad nauseum: “Trump hates LGBT people; Trump is a warmonger; Trump is not a real conservative; Trump hates the free press; Trump is a pawn of the NRA etc.” it’s all here. 

It’s 225 pages of pure entertainment for any patriot, but while it will trigger liberals, I think the Never Trump element might be driven more insane. Folks, I have a confession. I started out in this camp. I did not support Trump during the primaries. I eventually did when a) he locked it up; and b) after that the mission was clear: beat Hillary. I was going to vote GOP no matter what in 2016. I’m a party guy. That’s what I do because any Republican is better than a Democrat. On a side note, I’d say that any bad Republican is better than a Democrat as well. I’m a base voter. Period. The rest of the base coalesced around Trump, whole a small, small sliver of Never Trumpers either voted for Hillary—baffling—or didn’t vote. Maybe they wrote in weak sauce Jeb Bush, I don’t know. They had no plan. During the election, they had no plan. All they wanted to not have Trump be the nominee. Well, too bad—your guys lost. And it’s not like Trump was handed the nomination; 2016 was a bloody year in the GOP primaries. 

Still, the Republicans who get the main television guest spots are usually Trump critics. They sound like Democrats and even now, they’ve crawled into the Democratic camp for work. It’s appalling. To save the GOP, vote for a man who’s adopting far-left agenda items while his mind is being eaten by worms. That’s conservative, right? For any Republican who supports Biden, you never were one of us. Period. That goes double for the clowns who voted for Hillary. Are you people on crack?

President Trump got 200 solid judges into the courts. He passed the largest tax cut in history. He’s rebuilding our military. He’s renegotiating trade with China and got the USMCA deal passed, the largest trade deal ever that will create 600,000 jobs. It was delayed because Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to play games on the Hill. He’s cut regulations. These are conservative agenda items, but he threatened tariffs to get China to the negotiating table, so that’s bad. He tweets, so that’s bad. Please. Schlichter aptly noted that the ‘Trump’s no conservative’ line was just an attempt to split the base. It didn’t work. 

Trump is also the most pro-LGBT Republican to ever be elected by the way. He’s also not really taken the draconian actions that members of this community thought were going to happen. As for the warmonger line, well, that’s also a piece of comedy. We were supposed to be sucked into nuclear World War III because he tweeted something bad about North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. It ended with a summit in Hanoi. Oh, and Trump wants out of Afghanistan. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing these targeted leaks about Russia intelligence teams paying Taliban troops to kill Americans, information that was totally debunked, by the way. Is he a pawn of the NRA? He banned bump stocks, a novelty item, but you never cede anything to the anti-gun Left. There was also a point where he discussed expanding background checks. Yet, the real point is that every Republican will be accused of being a pawn of the NRA. It’s not true. Sorry, proud members of that civil rights organization, of which I’ve been a supporter for over ten years, vote—and we tend to lean towards figures who, you know, support the Bill of Rights and freedom. 

As for the press, well, they get called some funny names. Deal with it. Your activity speaks for itself. You are enemies of the people, especially now as you peddle COVID panic porn to force us back inside again. You’re terrible at your jobs, with the Trump-Russia collusion being one of the biggest journalistic failures ever. And the number of stories about the administration that turn out to be false is astounding. There’s a reason why that moniker sticks; there’s a reason why the “CNN sucks” chant remains. These clowns attack Trump daily, and yet, he’s probably the most accessible president ever. He will host pressers that go on for a lengthy period. He will spar with annoying reporters, like Jim Acosta, and then take more questions. His Twitter account is a direct link to the people. You see what the president is thinking in real-time. It’s rather transparent. And yet, we’re meant to feel bad for these liberal media jokers because Trump trashed them on TV or on social media. Please. It was about time someone hit you over the head with a baseball bat for your nonsense. Trump delivers uppercuts, but you can never say he’s not accessible. They’re just more spur of the moment, especially when he’s off to events. His walk to Marine One and his return will usually turn into an impromptu presser. Yeah, he’s anti-press. He calls out the press. There’s a difference.  

Anyways, enjoy the book. Fans of Kurt will love it. His haters will shake their heads, but I’m guessing the Never Trump wing will be the most triggered. I mean, they’re just liberal Democrats now, but hyper-emotional as well.