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How Did the Liberal Media Cover July Fourth? It Can Be Summed Up in Three Words.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

We’ve known this for a long time, but the Left hates America. They’re just more open with expressing it now in the same way Democrats are not shy about expressing their penchant for gun confiscation, eliminating all law enforcement, and baby-killing, among other things. The media coverage can be summed up in three words regarding the Fourth of July holiday and President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore: we hate America. Or maybe it’s seven words: We hate America and we hate Republicans. 


After all, that explains why Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 trip to Mount Rushmore wasn’t slammed by CNN. In 2008, Barack Obama visited the memorial, which the media now disregards as just someplace with two slaveowners on it which should be marked for demolition. Trump has broken the minds of the Left—and he knows it. He knows how they will react and without fail, they take the bait every time. 

Drew Holden, a self-described “DC comms guy,” who has been published in The New York Times and Washington Post, had a lengthy Twitter thread about the media’s Fourth of July/Mount Rushmore coverage and we once again have the CNN, ABC News, LA Times, and others earning their “enemies of the people” badges. What speech were they watching? Holden surgically slices through their trash headlines with what Trump actually said, which was uncontroversial, to say the least.  He also zeroed in on the fact that the media appears to be in line with the ‘woke’ mob trying to erase our history with their current statue topping phase.

“At the risk of oversimplifying things, it seems we are locked in a battle between those who think America’s history is worth defending vs. those who would tear it all down,” he wrote.

“I don’t think the latter camp will be happy until everything has been relegated to the dustbin of history.”


Indeed. This was never about Confederate statues or who was a slave owner. It obviously goes beyond that. They’re ripping down statues of Ulysses S. grant and those to Union soldiers from the Civil War, folks. It’s a lefty mob of unhinged and historically illiterate progressives who, frankly, probably don’t know that nearly one-fifth of the regiments in the American Revolution were made up of black people. It was the most racially integrated conflict until the 20th century. They would probably go cross-eyed if you mentioned the name “Crispus Attucks.” I’m shocked the monument to him, and the Boston Massacre hasn’t been destroyed yet. Oh, and let’s not forget that these clowns want to rip down DC’s Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park. I mean, Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president, only guided our nation through our most destructive crisis ever and helped navigate the near-impossible political waters to get the 13th Amendment passed, which abolished slavery forever, but whatever, right? We’re dealing with a know-nothing mob, aided by the liberal media, coddled by their parents, and were fed absolute historical nonsense by their equally moronic professors in college. And this is the result of that toxic combination. It’s why I will defend statues—all of them—even Confederate ones because we all know what happens when you cede ground to the far left. We all know this wasn’t about Confederates. We all know this is about the total erasure of American history. If digging in and possibly dying on the Confederate statue hill is the place, then so be it. It’s a nasty part of American history, but part of it, nonetheless. You don’t get to erase it because you’re uncomfortable or because it makes you feel bad. Sorry, kids, history is violent. Get over it. 


Anyways, here's the text of Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore. The liberal media sure knows how to stage a circus. 

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