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Obama's Marching Order on Flynn Revealed in Peter Strzok's Notes: 'Have The Right People On' It

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Oh, we have our sweet victory at last. The D.C. Court of Appeals handed down their ruling on the Michael Flynn case: dismiss it. The last battle of the Trump-Russia collusion circus is over. We won. The Left lost. The liberal media lost. The anti-Trump deep state lost. We win, you lose. It took more than a few rounds, but justice did prevail. Katie has more from her post on the court’s decision this morning. 

The decision caps off one of the most absurd legal sagas in recent memory. There was no case. New documents revealed a plot from within the Department of Justice to ensnare Flynn in a perjury trap. Based on this evidence, disgraced top FBI officials James Comey and Andrew McCabe wanted to get Flynn no matter what.

Mr. Flynn was President Trump’s national security adviser who spoke with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in run-of-the-mill conversations that occurs whenever there’s a new administration about to take over. There was nothing irregular about the calls. The media obsessed about it. It was a nothingburger. The Obama administration knew about the calls. In January of 2017, days prior to the inauguration of Donald Trump, Obama and his top security officials met to discuss the game plan for protecting the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into Russian collusion. On Inauguration Day, Flynn’s predecessor, Susan Rice, sent an email to herself which appears to show that the January 5 meeting was one where top Obama officials planned to target and destroy Flynn. Obama’s goal was to protect this probe, with the rosiest of scenarios being that the incoming Trump administration nit find out about it. And it’s been revealed that notes from January 4, 2017, from Peter Strzok, the other disgraced FBI agent who reportedly signed off on this entire collusion fiasco, noted that Joe Biden was the one who brought up the Logan Act angle of this atrocity to American justice. Yeah, Joe Biden, Mr. ‘I didn’t know anything about Flynn,’ except for that part of mentioning how to weaponize simple phone calls against a man to fulfill a deranged liberal fantasy about the results of the 2016 election:

During the case, Judge Emmet Sullivan went so far as to say that Flynn was guilty of treason. Well, the Department of Justice under William Barr’s motion to dismiss gutted all of that and more, noting the plot against the former Trump official, which led to the prosecutor resigning. Sidney Powell, Flynn’s new attorney, previewed of what was to come in October of 2019, saying that new evidence will show that her client was the victim of what some could classify as malicious prosecution. There was no case, but Sullivan decided to export the prosecution, allowing amicus briefs to be filed from outside groups. Every anti-Trump legal loon could participate, talk about mob rule. And he appointed a former judge, John Gleeson, who works for a law firm representing the resister-in-chief at the DOJ, Sally Yates, to fight the DOJ’s motion to dismiss and see if perjury charges could be filed against Flynn for withdrawing his guilty plea to the politically motivated “lying to the FBI” charges that were brought forward by the Special Counsel’s Office under Robert Muller, who threatened him and his family with financial ruin. It was total nonsense. It was quite the legal tantrum.

Gleeson also wrote a 2013 opinion in which he wrote that the government has near-universal power to withdraw a case it brings before the court. As Flynn lingered in legal purgatory, there was speculation that Sullivan was trying to drag this case on for as long as possible in the hopes of a Biden win in the 2020 election, thereby leading to a Democrat-run DOJ tossing the motion to dismiss. Alas, that never happened. The Court of Appeals granted the Flynn legal team’s writ of mandamus, with legal observers noting that the court handed down one of the rarest and drastic options regarding Judge Sullivan who would have to personally defend his decision to keep the case alive. The writ could have been rejected outright, so it showed that the court was at the very least concerned about Sullivan’s behavior in these proceedings. Sullivan hired a high-powered attorney to represent him. And now it’s done, but it looks like the Joe Biden campaign has some explaining to do. In the meantime, the FBI said it was going to review the Flynn investigation in light of the evidence of misconduct.

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