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Clown: NYT's Krugman Apologizes for Peddling Conspiracy That Trump Corrupted the BLS Amid Solid Jobs Report

Franck Robichon/Pool Photo

The Dow Jones skyrocketed today. It’s up almost 1,000 points, with the index breaking 27,000. Why? Well, we have a solid jobs report. Over two million jobs were created last month, a sign that we may be on the path to economic recovery. It’s great news for the president and for the country. For Democrats, this is terrible news. They were hoping to keep voters destitute and under economic stress long enough for crusty and dementia-ridden Joe Biden to come out of the bunker and be portrayed as the savior of the country. Now, they all look like idiots.


Yet, nothing came close to The New York Times’ Paul Krugman peddling an insane conspiracy theory that the Bureau of Labor Statistics was corrupted by this administration. And we’re the ones who are lambasted for not believing in “facts” by these so-called experts. Krugman apologized for doling out that whack job theory. Trump has broken many minds in liberal America, especially those lusting to see him fail. That’s the entire liberal media establishment.


CNN refused to air the job numbers.


The Left should quit sniffing glue. They won’t, so I guess Trump will just cruise to re-election then.

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