Former NYT Journalist Blurts Out What Every Liberal Is Thinking About Joe Biden's Sexual Assault Claim

Posted: May 06, 2020 1:05 PM
Former NYT Journalist Blurts Out What Every Liberal Is Thinking About Joe Biden's Sexual Assault Claim

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Editor's Note: The Times changed Tolchin's description.


Well, at least he’s honest, right? Martin Tolchin, a veteran journalist who previously worked for The New York Times, co-founder of The Hill, and helped get Politico off the ground (though there is a debate about whether he was a co-founderdecided to blurt out what every liberal Democrat is thinking about the Joe Biden sexual assault allegations. He doesn’t care. All he cares about is putting Joe, who might be guilty of sexual assault, into office because… "orange man…bad." Tolchin plainly states he wants a coronation, no investigation, and pretty much admits that while he thinks Biden will make for a mediocre president, he’ll be better than Trump. With ringing words of endorsement there, I can see why Democratic enthusiasm is not nearly as high when compared to the Trump coalition (via NYT) [emphasis mine]:

I totally disagree with this editorial. I don’t want an investigation. I want a coronation of Joe Biden. Would he make a great president? Unlikely. Would he make a good president? Good enough. Would he make a better president than the present occupant? Absolutely. I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win, the removal of Donald Trump from office, and Mr. Biden is our best chance.

Suppose an investigation reveals damaging information concerning his relationship with Tara Reade or something else, and Mr. Biden loses the nomination to Senator Bernie Sanders or someone else with a minimal chance of defeating Mr. Trump. Should we really risk the possibility?

Martin Tolchin

Alexandria, Va.

The writer is a former reporter for The New York Times, a founder and editor in chief of The Hill, and was an adviser during the pre-launch phase of Politico. His views are his own. (Editors’ Note: This ID line has been revised from an earlier version to clarify Mr. Tolchin’s former role at Politico.)

Tolchin wrote a letter to the editor in response to The New York Times' editorial regarding the allegations made by Tara Reade, Biden’s then-Senate aide who alleges the former vice president penetrated her with his fingers back in 1993. It’s not a non-issue. Just like how a presidential candidate possible mishandling classified information a la Hillary Clinton should be investigated, so should allegations of sexual assault.

It’s the Me Too era remember? Believe all Women remember? Yeah, all of that just got a shotgun blast to the face. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. According to their rules, Biden is guilty. He must drop out and justice must be done, right? Me Too leaves no room for due process. These are the rules, and now that Biden has become engulfed by them, the Left now simply ignores them and tries to pass it on as if they never even laid them out in the first place.

I have to commend Tolchin for at least not giving off the veneer that he cares about the seriousness of sexual assault allegations when they come in the way for his party to enhance their power standing in DC. I will tip my hat to anyone who is that honest when it comes to power and elections when they’re wallowing in Trump derangement hysteria.

In reality, from congressional Democrats to the base liberal voters that dot the Acela Corridor, this is how they all feel. It’s how they’ve always felt. Bill Clinton has credible rape allegations against him. Of course, every Democrat would vote for him for a third term if they could. Liberals can be rapists, abusers of women, and the like because liberal men will always be pro-abortion. That’s the golden ticket. Just be sure to vote for abortion rights, peddle minimum wage increase nonsense, say you’re a feminist, and bash Trump—you can have your way with the ladies, consent need not apply. That’s the two rules doctrine. That’s how this all plays out. No wonder why it’s so damn good to be a Democrat. You get to dupe the college-educated crowd into thinking you’re serious about fighting sexual assault, gain a key voter bloc—college-educated women—while you’re at it and have a huge asset in the media, who will do their best to suffocate any bad stories about you when you go off the reservation.

Joe Biden and the Obama administration's ‘it’s on us’ campaign followed this course in an effort to create a permanent political majority, which Trump blew up in 2016. With their own medicine lying before them, Democrats and liberals are making the conscious effort of refusing to take it. In full view of the idealistic women who thought they were serious about helping sexual assault victims. Think again. Mr. Tolchin summarized how the professional left thinks about this issue quite succinctly.

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