Like A Buzzard, Hillary Clinton Hovers Over Biden, Looking to Take His Spot If His Candidacy Collapses

Posted: May 01, 2020 2:55 PM
Like A Buzzard, Hillary Clinton Hovers Over Biden, Looking to Take His Spot If His Candidacy Collapses

Source: AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque

Former Vice President Joe Biden's MSNBC interview this morning on his sexual assault allegations was brutal. It wasn't neutralized. It's yet another story that the Biden campaign has hanging around its neck, with the other being the Ukraine corruption story. Biden won't unseal his Senate records from the University of Delaware, which only adds more to the allegation that he penetrated Tara Reade with his fingers when he was a U.S. Senator; Reade was one of his aides. This incident occurred in 1993. 

Right now, we're seeing an explicit double-standard that is not shocking to anyone who has followed the antics of the liberal media. You see, the Left is in a bind. They're so arrogant and self-righteous that they never thought their side, which is loaded with rapists, would actually have to be held accountable. Biden, according to their rules, is a sexual predator. Due process cannot be allowed. Facts are evil. So, the twists and turns on this will be epic because Biden is a sexual predator based on their rules.

This is part of an ongoing list of issues with Joe Biden. He's too old, too senile, has a rape allegation lobbed against him, and might have turned a blind eye to his son Hunter allegedly selling access to top Obama officials while he worked at a Ukrainian energy company in which he had no business being there. He can't remember what office he's running for, he's confused, and now needs Jilly to hold his hand to prevent him from seeming like the old fogie who pisses his pants and forgets who he is for a half-hour or so. Joe is brain dead, and he cannot follow what the Trump administration is doing to combat the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. And I mean that literally:

Grandpa cannot keep up, and he's doing nothing but twiddling his thumbs in the basement. When things pick up, can Joe even keep up? Deep down, I think a lot of Democrats wonder if Biden is up for this. Barack Obama knew months ago that Joe Biden doesn't have what it takes to win. So, who can take his place if we're going to play this game? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's name has been floated around, but like a buzzard circling over his head, Hillary Clinton, Lady Macbeth, is looking to step in if Biden dies…politically speaking (via The Hill):

Hillary Clinton continues to hover in the wings, ready to step forward should Joe Biden fail.

Don’t look now, but Joe is failing. Not only has his campaign been rocked by sexual assault allegations from one-time staffer Tara Reade, but the public is beginning to give up on the former vice president. A new Emerson College poll showed 57 percent of likely voters think President Trump will win reelection in November.

Remember, Establishment Democrats put forward Uncle Joe because he was the “safe” candidate, bound to defeat Trump. Oops.

That’s not the only problem that crops up in the Emerson Poll. It also shows Trump supporters 19 points more enthusiastic about their candidate than Biden supporters. That “enthusiasm gap” will drive turnout this fall. With Democrats dependent on young people and minorities, both typically less reliable voters, that lack of excitement for the candidate could be a big problem.


Another red flag is Biden’s tepid fund-raising; according to the New York Times, Trump has a monster cash advantage of $187 million. Further, in swing-state polling, the presumptive Democratic nominee is running behind where Hillary Clinton stood at this point in the race, and we know how that turned out.

As all of those issues cast doubt on Biden’s prospects, the presumptive nominee must now fend off Tara Reade’s allegations, which put #MeToo-supporting Democrats into an incredibly awkward spot.

None of this augurs well for the Biden campaign, which will likely confront further obstacles in the months ahead.


One idea has been to convince Biden to step aside in favor of the very popular Michelle Obama, seen as a sure bet to beat Trump. So far, though, the former first lady has reportedly rebuffed all invitations to enter the fray. 

That leaves Hillary Clinton. Biden could choose Clinton as his running mate, and then step down before the election and allow Hillary to run in his place.

For all this talk of unity among Democrats to beat Trump, it looks like there's some serious chatter about anointing Joe too soon or tacit acknowledgment that this guy simply cannot keep it together long enough to deliver a soft punch to Trump. Trump supporters are jacked up no matter what. Biden's folks are just praying he remembers to put on pants.

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