AZ Woman Who Blamed Trump for Chloroquine Ingestion Now Subject of Homicide Investigation

Posted: Apr 29, 2020 1:45 AM
AZ Woman Who Blamed Trump for Chloroquine Ingestion Now Subject of Homicide Investigation

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

There is a price to pay for taking the ‘orange man…bad’ route if you’re a liberal reporter. You’re bound to get slapped in the face. How many times will the liberal media endure being embarrassed before they realize that they’re bad at their jobs and it only helps Trump’s re-election efforts? The coverage of this White House has been atrocious. It’s par for the course—and I know they will never have a reflective moment because they’re all insufferable, self-righteous clowns who think their word is the gospel. I’ve never seen such an arrogant bunch. 

In their effort to attack the Trump administration as it battles the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in the US, the anti-Trump opposition press has peddled Chinese propaganda and now it looks like they’ve rallied around someone who is now under a homicide investigation. Remember that Arizona couple who ingested chloroquine phosphate because they thought it could ward off the virus? Wanda Lenius and her husband, Gary, ingested the fish tank cleaner with soda and the effects were dire. The husband died, while it left Wanda in critical condition. Now, she’s being investigated for homicide. Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon has the scoop. One thing that struck friends of the late Gary Lenius as odd was this notion that this retired engineer would just take poison willingly. 

Detective Teresa Van Galder, the homicide detective handling the case for the Mesa City Police Department, confirmed that the investigation is ongoing but declined to provide additional details.

"As this is an active investigation, I cannot go into any details at this time regarding the case," Van Galder said. The Free Beacon provided a recording of its interview last month with Wanda Lenius.


Though that report and others suggested the couple mindlessly followed the president's medical advice to disastrous results, friends of Gary Lenius told the Free Beacon they were skeptical he would knowingly ingest fish tank treatment.

Rather, they described Lenius as a levelheaded retired engineer and recounted a troubled marital relationship that included a previous domestic assault charge against his wife, of which she was ultimately found not guilty. The Free Beacon also reported that Wanda Lenius was a Democratic donor whose most recent contribution went to a "pro-science" super PAC.

"What bothers me about this is that Gary was a very intelligent man, a retired [mechanical] engineer who designed systems for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, and I really can't see the scenario where Gary would say, ‘Yes, please, I would love to drink some of that Koi fish tank cleaner,'" one of his close friends told the Free Beacon. "It just doesn't make any sense."

In Goodman’s interview, Wanda said the reason they took the fish tank cleaner was over a leg injury Gary had and the fear he could contract the disease if he went to the doctor. She found the chemicals in the pantry. The Beacon added that the concoction she made, one teaspoon mixed with soda each, was at least four times the lethal limit. 

At the time, Wanda blamed the president, even though the real drug the White House has cited in daily pressers is called hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that reportedly has seen good results in combating the symptoms of the virus as we search for a vaccine. Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett, who contracted the virus, was given hydroxychloroquine and in her case, the COVID symptoms disappeared within two hours. In a nationwide survey, 65 percent of doctors would prescribe this drug to their family members if they contracted the disease, with 67 percent saying they would take the drug personally. Out of 6,000 doctors from 30 different countries, they rank hydroxychloroquine as their number one treatment option.  

Again, what this couple took is used to clean fish tanks. NBC News has been at the forefront of trying to bash this potential therapeutic. Besides this story, they peddled another piece of trash piece blaming a woman’s death on the drug—the real drug. Yet, buried in the piece is this key line: “the family does not know that the drug caused Ligia’s death. The family has not received a death certificate.”

The reason for this is two-fold. One is the simple case that the media hates Trump. Second, there can be no hope, folks. Doom and gloom kill the markets, which is exactly what the press wants in order to increase the chances of quasi-brain-dead Joe Biden beating Trump in the general election. There can be no good news about possible therapeutics, so this is a classic ‘liberal media pounce’ item. And they weaponized it to attack Trump. Now, the woman at the center of this fish tank tale is being investigated for homicide, so great job again. You guys sure know how to pick the winners. Where would our First Amendment be without you clowns? And yet you get mad when the president rightfully slaps you down and no one believes or listens to the crap you produce on a daily basis. This is what happens when you’re an enemy of the people. 

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