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AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

We still have some time before Election Day 2020, but let’s get crazy here for a second. For the news and politics junkies, you know you’ve been doing rough Electoral College math over there at and even the pollsters have been gaming out ‘what ifs’ in their little projection models. MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki thought of a 269-269 split, which could make 2020 the third election in which no candidate received a majority of the electoral votes. And if you really want to infuriate the Left, just remind them that Trump will probably still win the election.


The Constitution says that the House of Representatives decides who wins if no candidate gets a majority of the Electoral College votes. As Kornacki noted, even though House Democrats have the majority, the voting goes by state delegations, not members—and there are more GOP-controlled delegations, meaning Trump would still win in this crazy scenario. Talk about sending liberal America into full meltdown mode:


Yet, even if Trump wins an outright majority, which I think he will, there will still be a meltdown because Trump won. It’s early, but it’s fun to mess around with such a scenario, which maybe isn’t too crazy. Frankly, I don’t see Pennsylvania slipping away from Trump, especially if Bernie Sanders is the 2020 nominee. His stance on fracking even has Keystone Democrats, who are working to slow down it down, nervous. They know hundreds of thousands of jobs are tied to natural gas. A universal ban would do two things: make Western PA Democrats stay home or vote for Trump. And even top union leaders in the state have made that position known if either Mr. Sanders or Elizabeth Warren become the Democratic nominee. The utter disregard for the working people in the Rust Belt by the far left is truly astonishing, the nonchalant attitude that their agenda will toss millions of American families into economic destitution because they disapprove of their job. That’s the bottom line: if you work in an industry the Left considers immoral, losing that job is punishment for the non-college educated bumpkin. Remember, the Left hates these people. They hate us. It’s not impolite to respond in kind. It’s required that we hate the Left twice as much as they hate us. This is an election year. When you see a liberal drowning, throw him an anvil, not a life jacket.  


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