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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a left-winger. She’s unabashed about her political views. She’s trying to be the anti-Trump. The left-wing version of Trump. She’s very much like Bernie Sanders, so why aren’t more people flocking to her in Iowa or nationally for that matter. Warren has been on the decline for months now.  She’s bleeding liberal voters, which makes matters worse. Hey, aren’t these the folks who support her radical and ruinously expensive Medicare for All plan that will gut 150+ million private health insurance plans, including those from union households? Yes. She was light on details from the start, and when she offered a plan—$50 trillion over ten years—she was rightfully met with mockery and heavy skepticism. Seriously, she wants this and free college—and promises that taxes for the middle class won’t increase. Yeah, even the most communist of communists don’t believe that bag of goods. 


Bernie Sanders is holding strong. He could walk away with most of the delegates in Iowa tonight; FiveThirtyEight gives him the best chance of doing so. The Warren camp probably knew this and tried to knife him weeks before the contest with this sexism charge. The story goes that in a private meeting, Sanders told Warren that a woman couldn’t beat Trump. This was reported by CNN and The New York Times, which was later rehashed on the debate stage in Des Moines…hosted by CNN. It caused the Bernie camp to go apoplectic. Progressives got “CNN is garbage” trending on Twitter. While I’m not for stopping Democrats clawing each other’s eyes out, taking a step back—this was a dirty hit. It was a drive-by shooting attempt that failed. Bernie is presumably still on top in Iowa. We can’t know for sure due to The Des Moines Register halting their poll due to complaints from the campaign of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. 

Still, Warren’s supporters are still beating the sexism drum for why her standing in Iowa has degraded. It could be that, or it could be that her policies are unrealistic. She’s just not authentic and tonight could be a fatal blow to the viability of Warren as president. We’ll see. But sexism as a reason for why she’s sucking, in the party that’s 'woke,' just reeks of desperation. She’s just a bad candidate. And once again, we see that being the “anti” candidate just isn’t enough to win. 

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