Popcorn: Watch Elizabeth Warren Refuse to Shake Hands With Bernie Sanders

Posted: Jan 15, 2020 6:05 AM

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are like two astronauts in a capsule whose oxygen reserve can support only one person and time is running out. The Iowa Caucuses are right around the corner and New Hampshire is not long after that. These two are consistently selected as Democratic voters’ second choice. That has to end. Both want to win. Both don’t want to attack. You cannot have both. Their voter support has dropped over electability issues, but one sure way to get to the top of the heap and maybe breakaway is if one absorbs the other base of support from the Democratic Party’s far-left flank. 

Alas, the story we come to that leaked on the eve of last night’s Democratic debate, which was pretty soporific. Apparently, some time ago, Bernie Sanders told Warren that a woman couldn’t beat Trump. Oh my, someone is going to get canceled, right? There was skepticism since no one would confirm it—and then Warren pretty much confirmed it. Sanders denied saying this, noting context, but this is some nasty stuff from Warren’s teepee crew. The timing is perfect. It was brought up during the debate, but it was a lackluster event. The ‘let’s be friends’ vibe dominated the exchange, but when has friendship trumped power and the presidency? It was yet another time where the inevitable was delayed. These two will have to duke it out hard. it will be vicious and so far, Warren has drawn first blood. 

Overall, the debate was a two-hour circus of voicing their hate for Trump, moaning about so-called global warming, and then talking about health care policies that are both expensive and absolute trash in the application. Rinse and repeat. Yet, it may be all worth it over Warren’s refusal to shake hands with Bernie Sanders. Many noticed the exchange, which was made awkward by Tom Steyer, who was stuck in the middle. Supporters of Sanders started trashing CNN and Warren for colluding to boot Sanders. 

Still, this photo: