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AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

Well, the last Democratic debate for 2019 concluded last night, and you can see why if you’re a betting man, the odds for Donald Trump’s re-election have increased. First, the Democrats are running on a platform that will destroy health care for millions of Americans. "Medicare for All" can only work if private health insurance is vaporized. That’s 150+ million private health care plans, some of which are held by union households. The wealth tax, the job-killing regulations, health care for illegals, bashing cops, the decriminalizing of border crossings, and entertaining some aspects of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal are all recipes for economic death. Still, the health care plan should be highlighted. After years of telling voters that GOP tweaks to Obamacare would destroy Americans' health care—Democrats, in turn, push for a plan in 2020 that will…destroy Americans' health care. Oh, and did I mention that it costs $50 trillion over the next ten years and that it won’t increase middle-class taxes? Only a moron would believe that.


There’s not a single Democrat running who can beat Trump. That’s partially what’s fueling the Left’s impeachment fever. The vote to impeach the president was held in the House this week, though those articles were never transferred to the Senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened to hold onto them unless Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a "fair trial." She doesn’t get to call the shots here, but it wouldn’t be the Democratic Party if leadership didn’t try to make up the rules and, in doing so, set off a real constitutional crisis. Trump is such an existential threat to the country that Democrats are no longer rushing impeachment, which isn’t popular in swing states. This push has blown up in the Left’s face and increased Trump's chances for re-election to a new level. Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner has more:

After two House committees held hearings, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to schedule an impeachment vote this week, Trump stands at an even 1-1 chance of keeping his office in 2020.

Only Joe Biden, at 5-1, is challenging him, according to gambling site Betonline.ag.

“Trump continues to inspire bettors to take action despite the impeachment process and Greta Thunberg feud," Dave Mason of BetOnline said in sharing the odds with Secrets.

At even money, those are the best odds Trump has had since September 2019. Trump was actually favored at -110 (10/11), on Aug. 20, 2019, after the Democratic debates. Those were his best odds to win 2020 that he’s had.

What’s more, gamblers do not think Trump will be forced from office over impeachment.


Yes, Trump won’t be removed by the Republican Senate. The money raised from this biased witch-hunt and the approval polling uptick since the impeachment circus came to D.C. can all be traced to the Democrats. This is a massive in-kind contribution.

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