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AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

 This might become a thing, right? Hillary Clinton could jump into the race, right? I mean it wouldn’t shock me. I know she has said repeatedly that she’s done, but she’s a politician. Politicians lie. Just look at Beto O’Rourke, who also said he wasn’t going to run for president—he ran anyway. She’s part of the Democratic Party elite. She’s royalty. She’s a heavyweight. And she would have the resources, the operatives, and the infrastructure to run again. None of the candidates in the 2020 Democratic field can beat Trump. Joe Biden can’t remember where he is half the time, blurts out nonsense, mocks voters, and tried to say he was just as black as Cory Booker. Elizabeth Warren’s health care proposal, a whopping $50 trillion that won’t increase middle-class taxes, is simply not believable. And Bernie Sanders hasn’t really made any significant moves in the polls. To boot, the impeachment nonsense that’s engulfed the Hill has only helped the president. In the swing states in the 2020 cycle, Trump is beating them all. 


Yet, Lady Macbeth has been doing the rounds in the media. She did a book tour with her daughter, Chelsea, and now we have this Hulu special coming out in March. Twitchy had the story, but it’s fanning all sorts of flames about a Hillary 3.0 push towards 1600 Pennsylvania. With Trump impeachment engulfing D.C., there will probably be an even louder outcry among some for her to get into the race. Former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon believes Hillary is running again

Biden is shaky as a frontrunner. He’s still beatable in the primary. Warren is one Democrat that is sure to get shellacked if nominated, and Bernie is still Bernie. It’s not exactly the A-team here. So, one could see where there might be an opening. Yet, like Biden, it will be on name recognition alone, progressives are still skeptical of her, and she a two-time loser. It’s time to move on and with a good economy at Trump’s back, Hillary would lose…again. That’s probably the most important aspect. The economy is doing great. There is no denying that, so Hillary’s alternate plan would trash that? 

When Romney lost to Obama in 2012, the latter second term was all about confirming what Romney said would happen, especially on Russia, where he was mocked for having an antiquated foreign policy. Less than ten years later, anything Russian is viewed with suspicion now that Clinton lost the 2016 election. I guess a bit of me hopes Hillary does run to muck up the Democratic primary even more and the fact that Trump would easily cruise to a second term.


At the same time, this has to be embarrassing for Democrats. They wanted to move on from her in 2016, despite the shellshock. But to have so many candidates running and not having a single one where you can point to and say, ‘hey, this guy or gal can beat Trump,’ has to be gnawing. They have to look back to the woman who couldn’t win one of the most winnable elections in recent memory as a source of possible hope. Yeesh. 


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