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2020 Democratic Debate: Everyone Was Trying To Scalp Liz Warren Over Her Shoddy Health Care Remarks

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Well, the October 2020 Democratic debate is over. It wasn’t as intense as the September brawl, but one thing is for sure: as of now, there is not a single candidate who can beat Donald Trump running on the Democratic ticket. When you take out all the noise, it was pretty much a three-hour whine fest over the fact that Trump is president. Elizabeth Warren still dances around the fact that her health care agenda will raise taxes on middle-class Americans, which us electoral poison. Cory Booker is a vegan. Julian Castro was barely heard. Kamala Harris peddled policies that were illegal, and by that—I’m referencing her gun control by executive fiat push. Joe Biden was barely coherent. And Bernie Sanders is recovering from a heart attack. It was not a good night for Democrats who are looking for a standout candidate who can take on President Trump. If anything, they looked like the dinged up Dallas Cowboys—a lot of hype, but nothing concrete to show for it. 


Yet, there was no difference last night: Elizabeth Warren. She’s the quasi-frontrunner now. Biden’s lead has been chipped away steadily since the last debate and Ukraine ties his son, Hunter, had which is the basis of the House Democrats’ impeachment push doesn’t look good at all. It’s the mother of all conflicts of interest and nepotism at a time when they could turn the populist masses against you in nanoseconds. Biden’s answer about this arrangement was weak soporific and did nothing to kill the story. Yet, it was Warren who took most of the punishment. Down the line her fellow Democrats trashed her—and she got a taste of what happens to those who start reaching the peak. At the same time, she should probably have known that someone was going to ask her whether the health care initiative she wants to be enacted should she be elected president won’t increase taxes. All Warren says is that for corporations and the rich, costs will go up and middle-class costs will go down. She serves up a word salad, prevaricating on the question, and as many noted in the post-debate—looks like someone with something to hide. That something is the fact the Warren health care agenda will lead to the mother of all tax increases while gutting 150 million private health insurance plans. That’s the only way her plan works. MSNBC couldn’t shy away from that fact either. If Warren couldn’t withstand a simple tax question without looking like a chicken running around with its head cut off, she will not survive Trump on a debate stage.


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