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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

So, did these gals just think they could sneak this in and no one would notice? We all know about how The New York Times totally ate it over its botched story about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The writers claim there was another accuser who alleged, like Deborah Ramirez, that the young future Supreme Court jurist shoved his genitals in another woman’s face at a drunken party at Yale. The problem: the woman doesn’t remember the event, but somehow that lends credibility to Ramirez’s account. It doesn’t. Sorry—that’s not how this works. The Times edited the op-ed piece, added that portion that totally renders the new allegation/bombshell story worthless, and these two women decided to blame the editors. They swear that this portion was included—trust them, right? 


Sorry, let me rewind, the two writers—Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly—decided to strike one for the sisterhood of the traveling pants and write an anti-Kavanaugh book that sought to prove all the allegations lobbed against the judge during one of the nastiest Supreme Court confirmation fights in recent memory. They didn’t find anything new. It’s just another tantrum book thrown out there by mad liberal upset that Trump is president, that he’s changing the judiciary, and that the GOP didn’t cave to their whims on Kavanaugh. We won. We get to decide who get on the court, not you. And Kavanaugh’s confirmation was the ultimate ‘shove it’ moment. We got our revenge for Bork. Period. 

Yet, while these two writers told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that the denial from the alleged new accuser was included in the piece, they left this part out when they were interviewed by National Public Radio. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wrote about it [emphasis mine]: 

…in a lengthy and wide-ranging interview, the authors went out of their way to omit the key detail in response to a question. Midway through the friendly interview with NPR’s Terry Gross, she asked the authors if any other women had come forward since the Kavanaugh hearing.

Keep in mind the context. The authors spent a year desperately trying to dig up dirt on Kavanaugh and evidence in support of the claims made by his accusers. They failed on both counts, and at times admitted it, but in the epilogue they wrote that their “gut” told them to believe the accusers despite any evidence. They said the stories “ring true,” though they did not explain why they felt that way. It’s a stunning admission that emotions dominated facts for the reporters, which is also evidenced by their decision not to release an excerpt about Christine Blasey Ford’s star witness Leland Keyser telling them on the record that her friend’s story never made sense and didn’t add up. Keyser’s views were previously reported in detail in “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court” (co-authored by this writer), but the new book has the first on-the-record quotes from Keyser saying why she found Ford’s story so difficult to believe.


Yeah, ‘Believe All Women’ just got skinned alive. It may sound great, but underneath it all—it’s trash. Sorry, in this country, there is due process. There is investigative work. There is a collection of evidence. At times, it takes a bit of work. Wanting that apparently makes you an ally to rape culture or a rape apologist. No, it makes you one that stands for the rule of law and truth. And that was another garbage point that gets tossed out there regarding Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s first accuser, and her allies who would say “her truth” when defending her shoddy claims that she was sexually assaulted by a young Kavanaugh in high school. Ford's motives appear to be really grounded in protecting abortion rights, as told by her lawyer. This whole circus has been exposed. It’s a farce. It’s a really, really well-funded and well-coordinated character assassination attempt. I will give the Left that—but it’s all gossip, no facts, with no corroborating witnesses. The media goes off half-cocked when it comes to stories like these, and like Plaxico Burress, they get shot in the left every time. The Duke Lacrosse scandal ruined people’s lives for no reason—no rape occurred. Those boys were falsely accused. And the accuser turned out to be a real model citizen—said by no one. She’s serving a lengthy sentence for murder after stabbing her boyfriend in 2013. 


We live in a country where there is a presumption of innocence, which is applied to those accused of every crime, but not sexual assault for some reason. There is no room in this discussion to say that those making the accusations could be misremembering or flat-out lying. Yes, women lie about being raped. It’s rare, but it happens. Key details could be missing. And when you have allegations lobbed at Kavanaugh that have more holes in them than a piece of swiss cheese, it should give you pause. Due process is due process. It’s a constitutional right, which liberals seem very willing to burn in order to score political points. Very fitting for a movement that lacks principle, honor, and integrity. Oh, and they’ve all become totally insane as well. This latest rake-stepping episode by the Times has butchered this whole ‘Believe All Women’ nonsense, or at least it should. 

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