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Why This Vox Writer Was Taken To The Woodshed By A Parkland Victim's Father

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

There was another tragic shooting in Odessa, Texas, where shooter Seth Ator killed seven people over the weekend. He used an AR-15 rifle, according to reports. So, the anti-gun Left is going to go on another illiberal tear. They’ll peddle the same nonsense; despite that fact that it appears Ator has had run-ins with the law and had previously failed a background check. I know this is hard for the Left, but let’s wait and see what details trickle out before you all start trying to fundraise off the bodies of the victims.


Now, let’s go to Vox writer Aaron Stupar who has been making the rounds, voicing his annoyance over the fact that the liberal media gets called out all the time for not knowing proper gun terminology. 

“Imagine trying to tell someone whose loved one was gunned down by an AR-15 that they don’t know what they’re talking about because they aren’t familiar with arcane gun terminology. It’s just absurd,” he tweeted.

He tried to hide behind an emotional argument, which got blown up by a father of a Parkland victim. Ryan Petty lost his 14-year-old daughter, Alaina, in the shooting and took Stupar to the woodshed, saying language matters. 

“I am that someone,” responded Petty. “Precision in language is vital.  As a journalist this should not be an arcane concept for you.”

Ouch. And it wasn’t just Petty who took this Vox writer to task over his AR-15 hot take: 


(H/T Twitchy)

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