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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

They just cannot leave him alone. They cannot let 2016 go. They cannot let the fact that Hillary Clinton will never be president go. House Democrats are now in full impeachment mode. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now in the minority regarding this move, a majority of her caucus now supports proceedings to impeach Trump because he won an election. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. But this is what they were elected to do. House Democrats went sent to D.C. to impeach Trump, to stop him, and to derail his agenda that has created over three million new jobs, sunk unemployment across the board to historic lows, increased paychecks, and sent consumer and small business confidence to their highest marks in years. Now, of course, they couldn’t go with this course of action right out of the gate. They had to wait, increase the volume on the Trump-Russia myth in the liberal media echo chamber, and slowly get their caucus to back this move that will only energize Republicans come November 2020. And guess who is leading the charge again? Oh, that would be Rep. Al Green (D-TX) (via NPR):


With a majority of House Democratic lawmakers now behind him, Rep. Al Green says he'll try for a fourth time to impeach President Trump after Congress returns next month.

Green first called for impeachment four months into Trump's presidency, in May 2017.

Now, more than 120 House Democrats have publicly said they support an impeachment inquiry, according to NPR's tracker.

"Things start with a spark, and sometimes the spark is ignored," Green said following a Houston forum with his constituents earlier this month. "Other times the spark can cause others to become consumed with the righteousness of a cause and participate in the cause itself."

The eight-term congressman has remained the lone lawmaker calling for Trump's impeachment from the House floor for more than two years. But during that time, he has been joined by a steady stream of Democrats as they took control of the chamber this year.

I mean talk about relentless. This is borderline obsession—and it’s not a healthy one. It’s the embodiment of Trump Derangement Syndrome because the Left’s best hope of having a solid reason for such a proceeding was that Mueller report that blew up the collusion narrative decisively. There was none. Now, the tantrum that never ended in 2016 is about to take an even more absurd turn with this impeachment circus, which is further buoyed by the fact that most in the 2020 field also support it. Yet, Green also admitted that he wants this motion to be successful because if they fail in this endeavor, Trump will be re-elected. So, is that an admission from Democrats that they can’t beat Trump if the economy is still booming? I don’t know—but if the economy is still strong by Election Day, Trump will win a second term. More jobs and economic growth will always trump more government, socialism, health care for illegals, and the end of private health insurance any day of the week. And thus far, the 2020 Democratic field has no one who can beat Trump. From Sleepy Joe to Comrade Kamala, the Democratic Party has no one, especially if they sign off on this impeachment push and an extreme left-wing agenda. So, after all that—please Democrats, go nuts. It only helps Trump. Be sure to give all communications duties to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Leninist Girl Scout Troop from hell. Some of them have time now that their trip to Israel was canceled. 


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