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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

When you represent a district that’s heavily Democratic, you can say a lot. From totally insane leftist remarks to suggesting that Guam could tip over, the list of remarks from those whose are seats is truly safe is staggering. So, what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said about the Trump coalition shouldn’t shock us. In fact, it’s what her very, very small slice of the country has been saying for years: all Trump voters are racists. On Pod Save America, the freshman New York congresswoman once again decided to smear half the country by calling them—us—racists. 


The question was pitched over the scenes at Trump rallies, where they allege there’s racism, parsing that with calling out such bigotry and not vilifying those who support the president. She went into this tangent about coalition building, saying that the core of it was made up of racists and those who are susceptible to racism. On the latter, she noted how these folks were given a blanketed or layered messaging package to make something seem not racist when it is; I have no clue what she means. Lower taxes, fewer regulations, more jobs, better trade deals, a strong military, and support for law enforcement is now a white nationalist agenda it would seem and my eyes cannot roll any harder. AOC thinks this occurs because we have failed to educate people on what is racism. And by that, she would mean a college course taught solely by the Left, made mandatory, and shoved down our throats by their allies in the media. The end result is predictable: shutting down conservatives because the aim here is not to stomp out racism, which is a universal goal that everyone agrees on. But racism to liberals is anything that they find disagreeable.

Look let them talk, folks. All this does is remind us to vote in 2020. It energizes Republicans who already support the president and pushes centrist and Independent voters away from the Democratic camp. And with the Left’s agenda of taxpayer-funded abortion, health care for illegals, gun confiscation, high taxes, more regulation, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All, accompanied with the destruction of private health care plans, this won’t be a hard messaging war. For years, the Left has railed against things they say are racist, but are not. Normal people see and know this. It’s become a punch line in some cases. 


Also, with her far-left sisters in the Leninist Girl Scout Troop peddling anti-Semitism, maybe she should hit the brakes on this proposed lecture circuit on defining racism (aka things that aren’t racist but we don’t like so we’ll just call it racist) and focus on her side recognizing what anti-Semitism is because it’s becoming clear that a) they don’t know; or b) they do, but just don’ care. 

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