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The nation was shaken by two horrendous mass shootings less than 24 hours apart. In El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, two crazed shooters shot and killed 31 people and wounded scores more. Trump has been blamed. Republicans have been blamed. Video games have been blamed. Lack of gun control has been blamed. Oh, and white supremacy has been blamed. The El Paso shooter left a manifesto that drew on Trump’s language supposedly. That’s tough to say since the shooter admits that his anti-immigrant views predate the Trump presidency, while also bashing Republicans and taking an eco-terror slant as well. It’s why The New York Times’ headline on this is just downright awful:

At campaign rallies before last year’s midterm elections, President Trump repeatedly warned that America was under attack by immigrants heading for the border. “You look at what is marching up, that is an invasion!” he declared at one rally. “That is an invasion!”

Nine months later, a 21-year-old white man is accused of opening fire in a Walmart in El Paso, killing 20 people and injuring dozens more after writing a manifesto railing against immigration and announcing that “this attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

The suspect wrote that his views “predate Trump,” as if anticipating the political debate that would follow the blood bath. But if Mr. Trump did not originally inspire the gunman, he has brought into the mainstream polarizing ideas and people once consigned to the fringes of American society.

Okay, first, let’s not stray away from the fact that these two individuals are monsters. They’ve taken lives, they’ve shattered families, and the El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius, deserves everything and anything that comes from prosecutors. The Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, was killed seconds after he started his senseless rampage. Much of the media attention regarding El Paso has been centered on the manifesto. Once again, Trump supporters, conservatives, etc. we’re all asked why this shooting happened as if we were the cause of it. Our views caused it. The support of the president caused it. This is never asked of liberals and their extremism, which is just as violent and unhinged. It’s also being overlooked. 

Betts was a leftist who supported gun control. Crusius said that scores of people had to die in order to make the Earth more sustainable. It’s not a clear-cut; right-wing extremist angle the media is just salivating over in their twisted crusade to smear any conservative as complicit in this heinous crime. While it’s not much better than the Times, The Huffington Post actually did highlight the eco-terror aspect of Mr. Crusius’ views:

Titled “The Inconvenient Truth,” an allusion to Al Gore’s landmark climate change documentary, the ranting four-page document appeared on the extremist forum 8chan shortly before the shooting. Authorities have yet to confirm whether Patrick Crusius, the 21-year-old Dallas-area white man arrested in connection with the shooting that left at least 22 dead, is the author.

“The environment is getting worse by the year,” the manifesto reads. “Most of y’all are just too stubborn to change your lifestyle. So the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable.”

Mass shooters aren't Republican or Democrat. That’s how stupid the Trump era has made the Left or how desperate they’ve become: they know they can’t beat him at the ballot box. So, let’s score points using dead people, mass shootings, and the psychos who commit them to attack the people we don’t like. That’s liberal America. The anti-gun Left won’t push any solutions that would’ve prevented these shootings and passing ineffective laws for the sake of looking like you’re doing something is why people hate politicians and politics. If you look at these two sick individuals, you’ll many a nuance in their warped minds in terms of their politics and their actions. In fact, a lot of it is contradictory, but one thing remains constant. These two guys were totally insane. Mental health is an area where both sides can agree, but it’ll be the Left who torpedoes such dialogues with their insistence on policies that will certainly lead to confiscation. 

The noise from this tragedy will carry all week, maybe into the next and sadly none of the focal points will be on the dead, their families, or the survivors. It'll be a concerted effort to try and blame Trump and everyone who voted for him for the actions of these two disgusting individuals. Do it, you cretins. It'll only remind us that there's an election next year. You hate us. Fine. But we're not going anywhere. 

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