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It’s our 100thepisode. We made it. We’re not fired. And we’ll have another episode for you tomorrow. For today, we had Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former Special Assistant to President Trump and host of America First on Salem Radio Network, and our own Katie Pavlich as special guests to mark this occasion. We discussed how Iran has been itching for a war with the West, as demonstrated by their seizure of two UK-operated oil tankers. Georgia Democrat Erica Thomas’ racial hoax totally imploding over the weekend, where she alleged a white man told her to go back where she came from while in the supermarket. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. First, the man who shouted at her was a Cuban American Democrat. Second, she was confronted because she was trying to use the express checkout line and had too many items. Thomas is Jussie Smollett supporter. You just cannot make this up. This prompted Gorka to explain how one woman, whom he described as a woman of color, recognized him in the supermarket line and quietly whispered to him, “We won,” to which Gorka said, no, the country won. America won. This led to a crazy white woman going off a rant, shouting expletives at him. That’s why Trump won, folks.


Yet, we also discussed President Trump’s ongoing war with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Leninist Girl Scout Troop from Hell, which has elevated this quartet, forced House Speaker Pelosi to re-embrace them, and by doing so, rapidly making them the face of the party. That’s trouble since this group’s approval rating with swing voters in next year’s House races are trash. Still, it cannot be ignored. Given their status, and how the 2020 field has endorsed some key policy proposals from this crew, they will have to have a speaking slot at next year’s Democratic National Convention. That will be a massive in-kind contribution to the Trump campaign. 

We also had to discuss Sebastian Gorka’s confrontation with Playboy’s Brian Karem, also a CNN contributor, who acted insane at a press conference during the White House’s social media summit, where liberals were shut out.   

Karem shouted at the president as to why he wasn’t taking questions; the liberal media was pushed to the back whereas the White House guests for the summit were placed in prime seating. You know, where the press would be if they didn’t behave like…Brian Karem. Dr. Gorka said that Karem called Trump a “f**king moron,” which prompted his exchange. Katie was there as well. Karem also said that the Trump base was akin to the Nazi Party so that’s all you need to know. She also said that he was a "pig" and more or less the reason why the press pool couldn't have nice things. He's insufferable. 


In the meantime, the $15/hour minimum wage Bernie Sanders is pushing isn’t being honored with his campaign staff. He said he would pay those people, but cut their hours in order to do so. It looks like the Marxist dog finally bit Bernie in the rear end. A Somali-born journalist decided to make the trek back to her home country, a failed state, to document its safety. You’ve got to be kidding me. And shocker—she was killed by terrorists. As the saying goes, the kid who eats too many marbled doesn’t grow up to have kids of their own.

On the social media censorship controversy, Facebook is establishing a ‘Supreme Court’ that will oversee content moderation. While there are some issues concerning the livestreaming videos of murders and other graphic content that the platform has been slammed for being too slow on taking down, there is a fear that this could only expand the platform’s lengthy rap sheet towards targeting conservatives. Conservatives are good at social media. The Left knows this—and the social media giants that dominate the lefty Silicon Valley know that. It would make sense for them to try and disrupt that flow. In print, we have local papers, like the Charlotte Observer, offering advice on how to avoid ICE agents. It’s from a how-to guide written by immigration lawyers. 


And if you wanted to try and power down from politics by watching the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, try again. Some loser at the Daily Beast actually wrote a lengthy piece about how one of the greatest relief pitchers of all time, if not THE greatest closer, Mariano Rivera, was some horrible person for expressing his Christian views, especially his support for Israel. Yeah, Sandman is a Nazi or something. Oh, he worked with the Trump administration…on trying to solve the opioid crisis, which has been spiraling out of control. What a monster. Recently, it was reported that deaths from overdoses had dipped—a good sign, but more work needs to be done. Rivera, Sandman, has 652 saves in his career, an MLB record, a career ERA of 2.21, a playoff ERA of 0.70, 5x World Series Champ, and a 13x All-Star. I had Red Sox fans telling me they like this guy. Who doesn’t? He’ canceled because…of Israel. The Left will make you care. There is no neutrality in today’s political wars. The Left will find ways to make you care, even if they look like total a-holes in the process. 

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